Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amharic Love T's For Christmas?! Yes Please!

I've had many requests for these T's and I debated if I could get it together to have T's for Christmas! 

I talked to my printer and it can happen as long as I get the order in early next week!  So here's the skinny.

Amharic Love T's and Sweatshirts just in time for Christmas!  

You've got 5 days.  I have to have the order in by Tuesday morning.  Ordering is simple.  I've created two options on the side bar of this blog.  Shirts for adults and shirts for kids.  I've also added the option for hooded sweatshirts.  I love this design.  Its simple and my kids LOVE wearing their T's, telling people what it says, and why its important to them.  

Spread some LOVE this Christmas, all proceeds from every purchase goes to support adoptive families and ministries on the ground in Ethiopia.  We're so honored to be able to to help in this way pouring into families and a country we love so much. To God be the Glory!!!

These T's make great gifts, awesome for pictures, and a fantastic conversation piece!

I've added lots of color choices - this IS a pre-order but they WILL be done in time for Christmas and shipped to you by December 17th!

If you have any questions leave me a comment and I'll answer as quickly as I can!

Happy Shopping!


Allison said...

Are these still available?

Allison said...

Ae these still available?

Allison said...

Are these still available?

Erica said...

Yes Allison! Let me know what sizes you need!