Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heart of Gratitude - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is a great reminder of all we've been given, a day to reflect on what God has done the past year, and for me personally a day to reflect on just how blessed we are.  So many in this world have nothing and here we sit with our plates piled high.  I think I'll always wrestle with that.  It'll be one of my first questions to my King.  "Why did some have SO much and some have nothing?"

This year we spent our day at home, as a family.  We kinda like each other and its one of the rare days in the year that we have absolutely nothing on our schedule.  Aside from me being on call and three families having major airline emergencies today it's been fantastic.  Even in that I'm grateful for what I get to do, I'm thankful that I can be available for families when they are in distress and it truly is an honor to be able to help families home with their babies FOREVER.

As we sat down to our Turkeyless Thanksgiving dinner we all chattered about the day and anticipated our table go round of gratitude.  Oh yes, I did say we had a turkeyless Thanksgiving.  It may come as a shock but the majority of our family doesn't like turkey.  Call us crazy but its true.  David and Skyler are the only real turkey fans and this year David didn't want to make one.  So there ya have it.  The man spoke, I don't like the bird, so we had a fantastic TRIMMINGS and pumpkin pie Thanksgiving!

Now on to the grateful moments.  From the Shubin peanut the order they were shared...

Zahra - I'm thankful I get to go to school, for Disneyworld, and my family.

Silas - I'm thankful to God for giving us blessings even though we don't deserve it.  I'm thankful for my family, especially my mom and dad. (sob, way to make a mama teary)

Skyler - I'm thankful for my parents, for Jesus, for all Gods provided us this year, highschool and my friends.

Nichol - I'm thankful for my mom and her hard work, for my dad who's playing mom and makes me food, friends, for Jesus, for all God is doing in our family now and in the future.

Olivia - I'm thankful for my parents, for my mom working for us, for my Dad taking us to school, for food, for all my siblings (insert listing all their names and why she's thankful for them) I'm thankful for a house, for school, for friends, etc etc etc etc (she went on for ten minutes this grateful girl.......)

Bottom line we're a grateful bunch, I'm humbled to be Davids wife, to be mom to these awesome five kids, yes, we're fully aware we still have an empty chair as some have pointed out.  :)  I'm thankful to my King, without Him we are nothing.  I have far more then I deserve and I just don't have words for the gratitude.

Glory to the KING of KINGS!

And now......I'll be heading out to people watch and drink starbucks this fine Black Friday!  (not sure how we can call it that when it suddenly begins at 9pm on THANKSGIVING!)  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for what I'm sure will be some fabulous pictures and one liners!  I'm @shubiness

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