Thursday, November 8, 2012

T-Shirts & Help Unite A Family!

Yes, I know - I'm supposed to be writing about our trip to Ethiopia, yes I left off on day two over here I will resume but there's a little gal that needs a family and we get to help!

We still have LOTS of shirts to sell.  Yes, its an over abundance of shirts.  We always want to use the sale of these shirts to help others, raise money for other ministries, missions, etc.  This week we have a unique opportunity to help another family get one step closer to their daughter.

Meet the Olssons.  Aren't they cute?  You see they adopted little Marra earlier this year and she has changed their world, blessed them beyond measure, and they just knew there was another little Olsson out there.  While they were praying and waiting for God to lead and guide there was a little girl who needed a family.  The Olssons saw her.......they said YES and now they will work VERY hard to bring their precious girl home. 

Here's the cool part.  They need help.  Adoption is expensive.  Very expensive.  Our adoption was expensive too.  Very costly.  But God in His amazing plan paid the price and WE are now sons and daughters.  I love that.  LOVE THAT.  Its truly an honor that God would allow us to be part of His plan for the orphan.  That He would allow US to adopt.  Some can't adopt and that's okay.  I remember countless friends and strangers thanking us for letting them be a part of our adoption story.  That's humbling.  Today I'm asking if you'll join with us in being a part of another story.  Uniting another family.  Helping to bring a precious six year old girl into a FAMILY.  She's waiting, they're waiting, the Olssens want to be her family, they want to call her daughter, its just some paperwork and money that stand in the way.  Amy is all over that paperwork and they are working to raise $5,000 by this weekend to pay their first set of fees.  The Olssons are moving forward in faith and we are standing with them believing that our great big God will provide!

Just this week God has provided $3200 towards this goal!  That means just $1800 more is needed in the next 48 hours.  

There's two ways you can help.

1. Visit the Olssons Facebook page here.  There's information on how you can donate and get a tax deduction.

2. Buy a T-shirt (or five) or anything else from our store link below and all proceeds will go towards bringing little Miss Olsson home!

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