Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday - One Liners by Zahra.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Its Monday - I'm packing and working and editing. This is a peek into life with Zahra. She's amazingly funny.

There's a boy at school who only likes girls. Its for reals mom. He's a boy that only likes girls.

I was playing with this boy at the parking, I want him to be my friend cause I'm a girl.

In the good morning time I need to brush my teeths.

Skyler can you move your hair like this? I like it that way, it looks like Justin Beiber. I like Justin Beiber.

I like it my school, we coloring it pictures.

My sister big, she don't do anything with me, she don't play wit me. (interpret: Nichol is in high school and doesn't cater to my every whim)

High five, down low, putt the kickle, hug. Yep....she's got the rhyming down.

During family bible study: I think God is best and like a normal person. I think God thinks we love everything too much.

Eww Mom!! My nose has a little beard in it!