Sunday, February 12, 2012

Four Years HOME!

With all the craziness in our house lately I failed to post yesterday. BUT it was Silas' forever family day!! FOUR YEARS he's been home. He's officially been with us longer then he's been without us and that feels GOOD. We've made lots of memories together, we talk of Ethiopia often and even talk about when he'll go back for a visit.

Referral Picture December 2007

Four years later December 2011

Here's a few Silas facts.

Silas is 46 inches. (he's grown 16 inches in four years)
Silas' favorite food is still Doro Wat and Injera
Silas has lost 6 teeth.
Silas loves being a big brother.
Silas is quite the little gymnast.
Silas is a servant, loves Jesus, has a deep understanding of the bible and no fear in sharing that.

Silas buddy, we are blessed to call you son, honored to parent you, SO SO proud of you, and can't wait to see what God has planned for you. WE LOVE YOU!

It wouldn't be a post without some pictures and video.

Silas' infamous "telephone call". This was shot in the Chicago airport during our layover before heading home. Friends met us there and poor Silas was confused and unsure of all these crazy people.

This is Silas' adoption video. It's very long but worth the watch. :)


angie said...

happy family day silas!!! we LOVE you so much. you are gonna do BIG things ♥♥

BumbersBumblings said...

Praise God for such a precious soul! He is adorable!