Friday, February 17, 2012

Ethiopia. 2012

Its hard to believe that just 10 months ago David and I were leaving Ethiopia with our precious daughter in our arms. We knew we’d be back sooner then later and I prayed Z would be in a place that I’d be able to go on this trip. I AM GOING!!! Zahra is doing well, don’t get me wrong, we have hard but she knows who her parents are and she loves her Gramma like no other. She will be fine. We’ll have some serious spoiling to undo but isn’t that what grandparents are for? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I started this blog before we left and didn’t get time to finish it. I’m writing the rest from the plane and will publish it from the Addis Airport. The team has done great, no major issues, we got all of our baggage through with no trouble at all aside from three of them busting open with only minor collateral damage.  Levi and Jessie – we might owe you some shea butter. Some minor queasy stomachs but otherwise a fantastic trip! Frankfurt airport rocked it with lots of Starbucks mugs to add to my collection, the team ate at the infamous sausage restaurant and I had a veggie sandwich.

I met an Ethiopian woman on the plane after she overheard me telling Jess some Amharic must know words. We’d been debating how to say Jesus in Amharic and I was pretty sure it was the same word in Spanish but I decided to ask her for sure and possibly open some discussion. She lit up and asked if I knew Jesus. I said yes and she wanted to know what we were doing in Addis. I shared and she asked if she could come to the leader training because she’d been wanting something like that. AMAZING! We have a new friend and she’s going to be joining us for part of the trip.

Pray for us tonight as we settle into our guest house, unpack, and sleep. Thank you for covering us in prayer. To God be the glory!

Kids – Daddy and I love you very much!! Miss you like crazy and can’t wait until we can all be here together! Skyler’s doing awesome, very ready to be off the plane!

MKI Clients – If you need anything please email in case my out of office email isn’t working and you don’t get the message I want to include it here.

Blessings, Ciao, Ahmesegenalo!

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Julie said...

Praying you have a safe and blessed trip. I'll call you when you get back. I have lots to tell you about that issue we discussed last week:)