Monday, August 8, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Welcome to my hodge podge of thoughts. Its been a crazy week. My brain is cluttered. This is what I got. Happy Monday!

1. My youngest daughter is learning new things every day. Its awesome to watch her learn and discover. Hearing her figure out how to speak English is sweet. Instead of Shhhh to get someone to be quiet she says Ooosh Ooosh. I hope that never goes away. She holds her own. Last night she said this to her big brother. "Skyler, uh stop it uh talking, Zahra is uh talking". Sassy Pants.

2. School prep is under way. I prefer summer. Just sayin'.

3. Baby showers are cool and Adoption rocks - online adoption showers are totally hip! Check out the one these sweet friends are throwing for the
Dinsmore family!!! Donate, get a chance at an awesome camera and help bring precious A home!

4. I made this over the weekend - its pretty fantastic. You should make it too. I added lime juice for some extra zing, no garlic salt but I did add sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

5. I am a fan of good wine and good cheese. I am looking forward to the cooler months when I can sit outside and enjoy these two things and not have the cheese melt into a heap.

6. I'm doing crafts with my girls this week. We're making some of my Pinterest finds. Like this. Yep. Can't wait.

7. I'm in a wardrobe funk. I need some new cute stylish ideas. Please post your favorites for me to consider. Please and thank you. Oh if you find a mustard yellow cardigan that doesn't cost my first born please link it up. :) See above.


Alison said...

That dip looks delicious! And I am a summer girl too, so back to school time is kind of bittersweet!

Cassy said...

Your younger daughter is adorable.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy