Saturday, August 13, 2011


Zahra is a competitive little gal. Nichol was commenting the other day that she's super sweet, but once she warms up she doesn't want to miss a thing! Its so true! If someone else got something there better be a REAL good reason why she didn't too. However if she gets something its really not a big deal if no one else did. :)

I don't want to forget the cute things she says and I know all too soon they will be just a memory.

We've managed to keep Zahra's birthday on the down low - mean mom award ahead - but I just didn't want to tell her about her birthday too soon for fear of the daily pestering I'd get. Now that its less then three weeks away I figured I should school her in knowing her date of birth, full name, age, parents names, etc. You know build up to the big day. The big kids blew my cover and told her it was her birthday in sixteen days so I've been hearing about it non-stop!

So far her answers to my tutelage look something like this.

Mom, mom; my name is Zahra Raim Shubin, you name is Mommy Raim Shubin. Fab baby girl fab.

Little Miss proudly holds up three fingers while shouting that she is four!

A few nights ago she gushed that her birthday was August twenty minutes.

For her birthday she wants "long it hair like a mommy's and Olivia's and Nichol's".

Little Z we love you. Your innocence is precious and your zeal for life amazing. I'm honored that I get to be your mommy.


Alison said...

So cute!!! I know she is so excited about her birthday!

Connie said...

hahaha...I love it!

Melissa said...

haha Hey my son's birthday is half past 20 minutes as well!! <3 Love her

amyineccl3.11.13 said...

Hi Erica! Watched movie last night I thought you might want to see.
Thought of you while listening to these children's stories. Can't wait to meet Zahra if you EVER make it back to Oregon. :)

Amy Hayes