Friday, August 5, 2011

I saw what I saw - Swag for a Cause

After several confused emails from people who want to help and want shirts I've decided to streamline a bit. Comment on what you want - pay via paypal by adding them to your cart, all you have to do is note what color you want or leave that in the comments here. Its a hodge podge of stuff so its hard to put it all in a paypal button.

I took this from our last T-shirt blitz - it still applies here. ALL proceeds will be donated to A Glimmer of Hope to help fund the aid going into the horn of Africa.

T-Shirts - $25 shipped
Long Sleeve T-Shirts - $30 shipped
Baseball T's - $35 shipped
Sweatshirts - $40 shipped
Ugandan Beaded Necklaces - $25 shipped
Hats - $20 shipped

Here's What I have in stock and ready to ship, pictures are above the sizes/styles/colors available. All of this is in stock so yes I feel a bit overwhelmed. Many of these are one of a kind, I messed with colors/styles and we won't be doing T-shirts again anytime soon!

The shirts pictured above are the shirts our family wore the day Zahra came home. The globe is surrounded by the words daughter, son, father, mother, family, sister, brother, and more relating to children being orphans no more! For us Africa is where God lead us to adopt so that is highlighted with a bulls eye, above all we're driven because of His great love for us which is also on the front. Silas shows the back in this picture, it says All For One and One For All. Then over Africa are the same words that are on the front but in amharic the primary language in Ethiopia.

Hooded Sweatshirts
Charcoal Gray Size L, XL (unisex runs true to size or a bit big)

Baseball T's (runs true to size)
Indigo Sleeves Size L, L

T- Shirts
Youth Charcoal Size - S (6-8)
Fitted Womens Red Size - L
Fitted Womens Wine Size - XL

My husband designed this shirt - its pretty much awesome! Seeing it IN ACTION make its all the more cool. The Front says "If There Is No Action" and on the back is "Shut Your Pie Hole" and the verse "Faith without deeds is dead". An original design, it was born due to some heavy critiques early in our process, around the same time as our Audience of One shirts were designed. This one a bit bolder, we love it! I have it in black and charcoal gray as well as sweatshirts.

* Black Hooded Sweatshirt Size XL

*Womens Unisex Black Size - S, S, M, L
*Mens Unisex Black Size - M, L, L, XL
*Mens Unisex Charcoal Gray Size - S, M, M, L, L, XL
*Mens Unisex Black Long Sleeve Size - L, L

Audience of One T's! Africa - Audience of One all around shaping Africa and the verse Isaiah 1:17 - I have black with light blue and teal or black with red/white.


T-Shirts -
*Black w/ Teal Unisex Womens Size - S
*White w/Teal Fitted Womens Size - XL
*Black w/Red/White Fitted Womens Size - XL
*Black w/Red/White Unisex Womens Size - L, XL
*Toddler Burnout T Red/White Size - 4T

Our first design was this T! A globe with the bulls eye on Africa, Orphan facts from around the world, and on the back "Where You Live Should Not Determine If You Live" which fits perfectly with this campaign!

(Unisex=True to size, Slim Fit=Juniors fit, Fitted runs a size small)

Mens Unisex Royal Blue Size - L
Mens Long Sleeve Olive Size - L
Mens Unisex Gray Long Sleeve Size - L
Unisex Burnout Long Sleeve Black Size - M
Fitted Womens Indigo Long sleeve Size - S, M
Womens Slim Fit Espresso Size - S, S, S, S, M, M
Womens Slim Fit Charcoal Size - S, M, M
Womens Slim Fit Indigo Size - S, M, M
Womens Slim Fit Light Blue Size - S, S, S, M
Womens Fitted Scarlett Size - S, S, S,
Womens Fitted Plum Size - S, S, S, M, M
Womens Fitted Burgundy Wine Size - S
Womens Fitted Grass Green Size - S
Womens Fitted Teal Size - S

Baseball T's (run true to size to a bit big)
Indigo Sleeves like the one pictured above - Size S, S, L, L, XL

Love Globe Hats like the one I'm wearing above - I have stone and olive - these are Alternative Brand Destroyed Military Cap - $20 shipped.

Ugandan Beaded Necklaces
Multi-Colored, GORGEOUS, super long - I only have 9! (these make GREAT gifts!)

In an effort to keep my work load down I'm doing flat pricing, you choose what you want, comment here and pay through the paypal link on the right side of the blog and I'll ship your shirt within 24 hours. Easy Peasy! THANK YOU & Happy Shopping!

T-Shirts - $25 shipped
Long Sleeve T-Shirts - $30 shipped
Baseball T's - $35 shipped
Sweatshirts - $40 shipped
Ugandan Beaded Necklaces - $25 shipped


Jill said...

I just bought a t-shirt and indigo baseball shirt. Medium in bball and large in fitted tshirt. Although I like the "pie hole" one, I probably should not get it and explain it to the kiddos :) so another one is great! email me if you have questions.

Deanne said...

I would love a "Shut your Pie Hole" shirt. How do they run? I usually wear a women's medium. How much are they? Thanks so much. I am pretty sure we are Facebook friends, you can message me there. Deanne Broscious

Deanne said...

I would love one of the "Shut your pie hole" shirts. Can you tell me how much they are and how they run size wise? I usually wear a medium in women's. I am pretty sure we are friends on Facebook if you want to message me there. Thanks, Deanne Broscious

Deanne said...

OK, I just read more of the instructions like a good girl that doesn't have ADHD :)
I really would like the Women's unisex black "shut your pie hole t-shirt" I noticed you only have one medium left. Is there anyway you would hold on to it for me til payday next Thursday and I will pay through your paypal? If not, I completely understand. Thanks so much, Deanne

Jen said...

Hey, Erica! Thanks for doing this! I love supporting the cause and that I'm getting a new Africa shirt. :) I just paid for the "Where you live" baseball shirt and I'd like the small, please. Thanks again!

Kendra said...

Erica, I'm sending you an email...I just ordered and couldn't find a place to tell you what I'd like! :0)