Monday, May 16, 2011

Frittatas, A Maid, Blogger, Camp, and Growing Old.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This is my first time participating in Miscellany Monday I figured talking about normal stuff with a fun little tag could be fun so I'm trying it out. Maybe you should to. Not really completely sure what I'm exactly supposed to do. It seems pretty easy, a collection of ADD moments from a crazy busy working mom? That I can do!

Here goes.

1. Frittata. Yep its a new favorite breakfast of mine. I'm not sure if its just because the name is kind of fun to say or if its just how delicious they are. Anyways - I like mine with veggies and brie. Since a few of my friends are doing WW and I really should be want to be a supportive and helpful friend I'm sure you could make them with egg whites and they'd be good too. (note to self: try that) My kids don't like them which means more for me.

2. My husband is a really good cook, (hence my new love for frittata's) he waited on me hand and foot for Mothers Day. So I've decided I could really get used to having a live in chef, maid, and a courier. Yes, those are the things I think about when my house is a mess.

3. My vacuum somehow broke while I was away on Saturday. No laughing please. I admit I have an obsession with vacuuming and many friends have made fun of me saying I've made my vacuum cleaners suicidal. This one is heart breaking. I love my Dyson vacuum but really I'm just mad I can't use it. If you have a favorite vacuum please leave your suggestions in the comments. I'm obviously going to be in the market for a new one.

4. Was anyone else as annoyed as I was that blogger was down for 24-36 hours? They still haven't returned my stolen post despite me asking nicely. I guess I'll chalk this one up to another one of those "you get what you pay for" lessons.

5. I'm sending my two oldest kids to camp this summer. It felt weird signing my name in so many places essentially stating I wouldn't sue them if something happened to my precious treasures. They even made us notarize it. Do they plan on not taking very good care of them? It kinda makes me nervous. Beside the fact they've never gone to a camp where their dad and I weren't either counselors or staff of some sort. Maybe its the idea that they are going to another state for this camp. Still not sure how I feel about them growing up.

6. Speaking of growing up do I look old enough to have a high schooler? (don't answer that unless its a REALLY loud NO!) Seriously when did my little tiny baby get so old when I'm still so young?

Phew. That wasn't hard and it was kinda fun. Might add this one into my blogging week. :)

Happy Monday All!


Amy said...

I love your blog and have loved following your journey to bring your daughter home. You were the inspiration for our fundraising appeal letter last year that resulted in almost $20K of straight donations to our adoption. As for your post today ... Love frittatas but have never made one ... wouldn't we all love to have a maid and cook? ... my oldest is 16, and I HATE when he leaves for camp, choir trips, etc. ... and my vacuum cleaner is 22 years old ... and held together with duct tape and is missing a wheel ... probably only still works from under-use. It's a Kenmore, but I'd love to get a Dyson. Think I'll try this on my blog, as well.

I Love Purple More Than You said...

That was fun to read. No you don't look old enough to have a highschooler. Re: vacuums... I don't know that any can hold a candle to a Dyson... But having said that, many Dyson ball owners returned their vacuums and got the regular Dyson upright (which I have had since they came out), according to the Amazon consumer reviews I read. Mine is still going strong. I love it.

Jaclyn M said...

I like this post :) And NOOOOO You do not look old enough to have a high schooler ;)

Meyerdrk said...

I'm so used to you pleading on behalf of the fatherless or some other such admirable adventure that I didn't expect to come to your post and just plain laugh! Sorry about the vacuum...I did NOT laugh at that part (at least not very long). When I come, I want to try the frittatas ;-)

mama becca said...

i love this post :).
and need a vacuum cleaner too. badly want a dyson. i hear they're mucho expensive... sad!
so glad you're settling in with your gorgeous new daughter... love to your family!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You totally do NOT look old enough :)!!!!


Hated that blogger was down :(

AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

Erica, Frank broke my Dyson last April like 3 days after he got home from A-stan. I'm still in mourning, because as a fundraising family like I'm gonna go and spend $400 to replace it. So I'm using a very unsatisfactory stand in. And I'm a once-a-day-vacuumer too. I miss my Dyson.

And no, you don't look old enough. And yay for frittatas. Brunch food is the best.