Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He Held Them First.

One of the tougher things about being an adoptive mom is not knowing what happened in our children's lives before they came to us. What do we tell them when they ask the hard questions we don't know the answers to.

I was reading my NBF's
(new blog friend for those not in the know) ;) blog the other day and completely lost it reading this post.
I've reposted part of the blog below. What a beautiful reminder that God loved our babies long before we ever even knew they existed.

You might not know the story (the one about her birth)
but I have kept a record since the moment she touched earth.
I know the day she tried to walk. I counted every fall.
I know the number of her tears. My bottle holds them all.

I was there for the day when she turned one year old.
You don’t know where it happened and she might not have been told, but those things are less important than the fact that I was there… that I planned her birth with purpose is more important that the “where”.

I was there when she was waiting. I whispered to her when
her small heart first held the promise of the family I would send. I planned all those details of her self that whisper she is yours so that one day you could show her that I’d planned this since before.

Since before she heard your voice and before she knew your name
I was holding her and planning for her welfare just the same.
There was never once a moment when I didn’t rule it all
From the numbers in her birth date to events she can’t recall.

I’ve been planning this small life for the big one that shall be. The missing pieces of her story make more room to trust in me. The harvest that will come of the first few years of pain
Will be greater than your heart can know, or ever could contain.


Jaclyn M said...

That is beautiful

Kim said...

This was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing it!

Chrissy said...

love it!

Alison said...

Beautiful! Just what I needed to read today, as I am missing my daughter that I haven't even met yet!

Meyerdrk said...

I see why you lost it...I tried to go see the original post, but found it is password protected. I suspect you grabbed the gist of it in your copy/paste...thanks for sharing it friend!

Nikki said...

Beautiful! I needed that today. Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

Wonderfully said. Something to remember during those times of unanswered questions. By the way, I referenced your most recent post on adoption in my blog yesterday. Both you and Lara brought up a lot of what we are struggling with these days as we wait.

Home Project Manager said...

Love it!

Mandie Joy said...

Erica, feel free to share the password with anyone who asks...just remind them not to repost names or pictures, etc. Thank you for sharing the poem...I'm so glad He used it to encourage your heart.


Kristy Brooke said...

I cried my eyes out when I read this Erica. Thanks for posting. Just what I needed to hear!

Debb said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Beautiful post.