Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One T-Shirt At A Time!

Little by little, shirt by shirt. Its bittersweet to say that we are waiting on our final order before we meet our daughter. God has used these shirts to help bring our sweet girl home. Incredible. I have absolutely loved designing shirts, selling shirts, and seeing people wearing our shirts. Such an amazing blessing to see people supporting us, our family, spreading the word about adoption, the need, and helping us bring Zahra home. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

The last T-Shirt pre-order is printing and we should have them all in by the beginning of next week. We'll get them shipped out ASAP!

For fun I thought I'd compile some stats. We've sold 582 shirts since the beginning of this adoption. We've sold two dozen hats and about 80 necklaces. All to help bring Zahra home! God has worked through you to even make this possible.

I want to encourage those of you struggling in the midst of your fund raising, or maybe you're just not sure you can afford adoption but you know God is calling you. Let me just say -

We're just over $3,000 away from being done with fund raising. While this portion of the process is coming to a close, the adoption process for our family is really just beginning. Zahra will soon learn how to function in a family, she will learn to let us care for her, and most importantly she will learn the love of her heavenly Father in a tangible way. We are honored and blessed to be at this point. Blessed that God has called us here.

We're going to do one final blitz to raise the remaining funds - we'll detail that shortly.
THANK YOU for the continued love and support! We're coming soon little one!

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