Thursday, March 3, 2011


We're in the final stages of fund raising and a few precious friends have been waiting for this moment. The final leg, the last round, the remaining lap. Yes, we're close. SO SO close. So close in fact we're trusting that in the next 48 hours God is going to raise the remaining funds needed so that we can just focus on getting everything done around here in preparation to leave. We've watched the Lord move in the hearts of His people. In the last week we've gotten phone calls to this end, ways that God has prompted the hearts of His people and then provided exactly the amount of money He's asked them to give towards our adoption. If that's not God I don't know what is. May He be glorified!! He funds what He favors, He provides for His children. He doesn't leave them as orphans He calls people to step up and be a family for His children. We are so blessed that He's called us.

Yesterday morning when we started this we were still $2800 short. Just 12 hours after posting we had hit the 1/2 way mark. This is a 48 hour fund raiser to raise the remaining amount. That amount now sits at $1300. Based on what has already been raised if 13 people give $100 we'll be done. If 65 (about 1/16th of my facebook friends) people donate $20 we'll be funded. That's it. You can use the donate button here on the blog or if you'd like a tax deductible option you can donate through lifesong at the link below - just be sure to note "Shubin Adoption"

We do still have a few puzzle pieces left as well. If you want your name or a verse or anything else you'd like on our puzzle just note your donation and we'll add it.

PLUS! Another quilt was recently donated by a precious family to help with our fund raising and this seems like the perfect time to use it. Its beautiful! The African themed fabric is awesome and the giraffes are perfect! For every donation we'll put your name in for a chance to win. Check out the pictures and description below. (yes this means everyone that has already donated will also be added to the drawing)

Thank you for being a part of our story, we're almost there!

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Elissa Hill said...

How awesome for you guys! Already getting so close to your adoption!! What an exciting time! We to are getting close to ours, our sons will be home in April!!! And we have only $3,000 left to raise of a total $50,000! WOW! God is good! He is a provider of all things!!! And His provision is nothing short of a miracle!!! I'll be praying for you guys! And you will be hearing from me soon about the plain tickets. Hee Hee! Love ya my friend!