Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend T-Shirt Sale!

Today and Tomorrow ONLY! I have shirts for $20! Yep, first time ever that low and they are ready to ship! I took a bunch of pictures of what I have so you can know exactly what you're getting! The paypal link is on the left side of the blog. It'll only last the rest of today and tomorrow!

Shirt Information: These are all a slimmer fitting shirt and run a size or two small.

Plum: 5- Size Small, 2- Size Medium
Charcoal: 1- Size Small, 2- Size Medium
Espresso: 4- Size Small, 2- Size Medium, 1- Size XLarge (XL SOLD! Thanks Abigail!)
Gray: 1- Size Medium
Indigo - 1- Size Small, 3- Size Medium
Light Blue: 3- Size Small, 1- Size Medium, 1- Size Large
Grass Green: 1- Size Small
Scarlett: 3- Size Small, 1- Size Medium
Teal: 1- Size Small
Olive: 1- Size L (SOLD! Thank you Jenni!)


Abby said...

I just paid. Hopefully you still have the Espresso XL:)

Erica said...

You got it Abby! Thank you!

Teresa said...

Can I ask what size you wear in these shirts? Do they run small?