Friday, February 18, 2011

Whirlwind, Africa, A Small Girl Waits.

To say this past week since hearing of our court date has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Seriously overwhelming. I guess it's been a hurry up and wait this whole time and the reality that its HERE has hit me like a ton of bricks. Nothing. I mean NOTHING in this adoption process has gone as "I" thought it would. Who am I kidding? Of course not. Its not about me. Its about my great big God, His glory, and the transformation of my heart. I have a long way to go.

Adoption is amazing. Its not always easy. There is nothing the devil hates more then adoption. The spiritual attacks that come along are out of this world. The beauty that comes from obeying Gods call, the growth we've experienced and the joy we have knowing we are THIS close are far more valuable then anything else. David and I still stand in awe that WE get to do this. Its humbling. We get the joy of parenting a precious girl, we get to welcome her into our family, we get to love her, cherish her, and show her the love of Jesus. We GET to do that. What a gift. Honored and blessed that He allows us to love one of His children and make her our daughter.

All of that doesn't come without a price. Its been long, painful, exhausting and its not over. None the less just like Jesus gave up everything so that we can live, He's walked beside us, because of His great love for us, His faithfulness, we will walk this out. We will bring Zahra home, we'll love her through her this tough transition, we will do it with the same love and grace God has poured out on us.

Its hard to believe that in 27 days we'll board a plane headed to Africa. We'll meet our daughter and we'll hold her for the very first time. Prayerfully in 31 days Zahra will be a Shubin forever and ever. She will have a family forever. A sweet traveling family sent us new pictures again this week, they dressed her in the outfit we sent over to her back in January. She knows we are coming. She gets it. She clings to her pictures and points out her mommy and daddy. My heart aches to hold her. I can't wait to share her face with you but for now her little hand will have to do.

We're ready.


Meyerdrk said...

Hey friend,
I hope you are in the eye of that overwhelming whirlwind (you know, where you can feel the power of God in motion, but you also know you are safe in His arms). I've missed you, but am also crazy busy so let's just keep praying for each other and we'll catch up when a window of opportunity comes our way...I just started another proofreading job on top of everything else so I can help a bit more. Love God at work!

Alida said...

Oh my! I so know exactly how u feel and how overwhelming it all gets at the last minute! Nothing anybody could tell u completely eases your heart and gives u peace except your spiritual faith that all will be ok and that soon this challenging journey will end with you holding your precious babygirl forever and that she is safe and sound right under your roof surrounded by love and surrounded by her family!!! Be strong, keep your strong faith, this journey seems much harder than your first ... I know ... Especially having to travel twice and having to leave her .... But we do what we must, keep pressing on!!! I too will be happy and at ease once Zahra's with u guys forever! Cyberhugs, prayers and well wishes coming your way!!! Hang in there friend and amazing lady!!!

Mom to many said...

YAY!!! Love that sweet little hand. So excited for you and your family! Blessings for a smooth trip and all the preperations before hand. Hang on for a fabulous ride!

Andy and Kiara said...

I love this. You are so right! It IS a privilege. :)