Monday, February 21, 2011

African Market......Goes Online......

Our amazing friends held an African Market to help raise funds. Not only for Zahra but for two other adoptive families as well. Isn't that incredible!? It wouldn't have mattered if we didn't raise a dime, the fact that our friends put that much time and energy into something to support us, our daughter, and this adoption means the world to us.

Thank you Rachel for hosting such a great fund raiser. We're so blessed. Many of the items below are available on Rachels Blog so check it out!

Some fun pictures from the night.

Rachel has these available.
Ugandan Beaded Necklaces - I have these for sale still - $20 each shipped.
Sweet shoppers!
Our table full of shirts/hats/and jewelry.
Sweet Ashlie and little Easton.

So blessed to know these adoptive mamas. You all bless my heart.
Nichol has been making paper bead jewelry to help bring Zahra home. We enjoy beading together and even the boys get involved with stringing necklaces. Here's a few we have available now and we're always taking special orders. All proceeds go towards bringing Zahra home!

Earrings are $10 each shipped.
Bracelets are $12 shipped.
Short Necklaces are $17 shipped.
Long Necklaces are $25 shipped.
Add a charm to any bracelet for $5.
Wine charms are $12 shipped for a set of 4 or $15 shipped for a set of 6.

I could resist adding this sweet picture. Silas and Abby are such sweet buddies.

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