Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Minute, Super Cute Christmas Cards!

Normally I am on top of things. As in really on top of things. Like Christmas cards done by now. Christmas shopping completed weeks ago. That is not the case this year. Life have been a bit crazier then normal. My work load has increased (which is REALLY good when you are adopting and needing things like money) and I'm trying to figure out how to fit it all in. I had grand plans for a wonderful homemade Christmas card with lots of time and effort put into it. Sorry to disappoint. Not happening.

BUT I did get this FABULOUS offer from Shutterfly and I'm totally taking advantage of it and there super cute designs. Shutterfly has always had fantastic service, great quality, and amazing prices! This year they have even offered us bloggers 50 free cards! What an awesome gift! Last year I used their calender to make a year long memory for our family that lives far away. You really should check them out -

Some of my other past favorites have been the Christmas photo cards of course! They also do FABULOUS Birthday invitations! Something for every occasion! See a couple of my favorite links below.

· Christmas photo cards -

· birthday invitations -

I'm off to figure out the details of our Christmas card! Coming soon to a mail box near you! :)


Lara said...

This is how I got our cards too!

Sara Weber said...

I did this too, but of course I didn't stop with 50 (but it is Alli's first Christmas with us).

Kelly said...

Wishing that you hadn't included "last minute" in your title...I haven't even thought of cards, yet. I am thinking we will change ours to Happy New Year cards! :)