Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm a tad late on this......but I don't want to forget. Yesterday was Silas' referralversary, I always get that and his court date mixed up, they are one month and one day off from each other. We have so many "anniversaries" in such a short period of time we don't celebrate them all in huge ways but we do talk about them! We have chosen our forever family day as our big celebration day and that's in February. :)

None the less what a difference three years makes and we don't want to forget to blog about it!


I love that our referral email can still be found in my gmail account, it makes me smile every time I run across it.

Silas is amazing, a true joy, such an incredible blessing to our family and we're so humbled that God called us to be his parents. Such a gift, honored that we get to be called his mom and dad.

We love you Silas!

Just for fun or if you haven't seen this little video......Silas' famous "first call" in the Chicago airport. :)


Melissa said...

Love, Love, Love that boy! Love the rest of the Shubin kiddos as well. Can't wait to meet and love on your next baby <3

Sara said...

One of my favorite videos! I remember watching it over and over when you first posted it!

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

Love that video! Silas was a cutie then and still is!! Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of us passing court.
Can not wait for you to have more anniversaries to celebrate :).

To God be the Glory! said...

From sooo cute to sooo handsome!
Happy Referralversary to you the Shubin family!!

Becky said...

He is such a handsome guy! How time flies...I remember following your blog when you first adopted. Happy referralversary!

Jill said...

I LOVE that video!!!!! I remember seeing that while I was still on leave with Mari and being so excited to see Silas again after meeting him in Ethiopia.

Wife said...

Oh my goodness, Erica :)!! This is hilarious. I was cracking up the whole time. Funny guy! I really want to know what he was saying that was so important!!

Matt and Sarah said...

He is SO handsome! What a special day!!! :)