Monday, December 6, 2010

Ramblings, Giving Back, Dube Bute, & T-SHIRTS are IN!

This is a mish mash post of sorts - much crammed into one post but I'm a bit short on time. Tis the season!

We celebrated Silas' 6th birthday, it was fabulous. What wasn't so fabulous was leaving my Mac at the Apple store thinking my husband had it and him thinking I had it. We do have four children and making sure they didn't break something was a bit of a priority. Still. Yes. Dumbest. Thing. Ever. I nearly died at the thought of it being lost forever. Only through an act of God and some really great people at Apple was it found and put safely in the back. My gracious husband picked up my baby computer the following morning, she was glad to be home. I'm sure of it. Fabulous weekend I tell ya.

Oh and the SHIRTS are in!! If you pre-ordered shirts they are HERE!! There is a slight delay with the baseball T's but I did get a few in and the rest will follow soon. I do have alternatives if you want to switch out for something else. I've contacted all affected. :) THANK YOU all for your continued support! These are all being shipped this week with the first batch going out today! Check out the super sweet pictures of our new duds! We have LOTS in stock so you can still order and have it shipped in time for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas - JUST IN TIME!!! As a family we are committed to giving back. Not only to families that are adopting but also to the precious people of Ethiopia. The Alexander Family are sweet friends of ours (through blog land and hopefully we'll meet for real soon) :) and we are so excited about what the Lord is doing through them and so many others as the body of Christ comes together to bring HOPE for Dube Bute! (Watch the video below and see how you can get involved) We're doing a Thirty-One fund raiser to help raise a bit more for Dube Bute!
Nichol has another fund raiser up her sleeve we'll share soon as well!

Hope for Dube Bute from A Glimmer of Hope on Vimeo.

Get some shopping done, support an incredible cause! It's a win win! 25% of the sales will go to Glimmer Of Hope for the project in Dube Bute. Here's the catch - all orders MUST be placed by Saturday in order for me to submit everything and have it guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas!

That's not all.

Spend $31 and you get your choice of an accessory item for 1/2 price.


Every person that orders will AUTOMATICALLY be entered into a giveaway of a T-shirt and hat from our newest shipment! Get another entry into that giveaway by posting about this fund raiser on your blog or facebook. BUT that's only after you place your Thirty-One order!

Here's the direct link to the Fund Raiser -


Susan said...

Awesome new shirts! I love how you are wearing long sleeves and flip flops...ah to be where it is warm;)
Hoping and praying you raise a lot of funds!

Anonymous said...

Love the shirts!!!...How do I order one?! [did I miss the order info somewhere?!?!]


Anonymous said...

ugh. my eyes clearly aren't working yet this morning :) I found the info...thanks! to order 1 [or some!]

emily said...

Love you!!!