Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Surrender. Our Call To Adopt. Part 2.

Just two days after committing to adopt and taking the house off the market the phone rang. (Remember the car accident?) It was our lawyer. A settlement had been reached, they had fought the good fight, we didn't owe $10,000 as the insurance company had initially said, instead we were getting a decent chunk of change for medical bills, damages, as well as pain and suffering. I had a specified amount and each of the kids had a specified amount based on the severity of injury. My portion was almost 1/2 the cost of an international adoption. Only God. As I shared our story with the paralegal on the phone we both cried tears of Joy. She loved Jesus too and to see His provision was incredible for both of us.

Part of what the Lord used to bring us to the decision to adopt was Skyler. He wanted a brother in the worst way. He had cried when Olivia was born because he was convinced it was going to be a boy. He wanted to name her Quarter because it seemed more of a boy name to him. It took a long time before he was okay with her instead of a brother. That longing never went away. He begged us on a regular basis to give him a brother. He prayed for a brother, he planned what he would do with a brother, he tried to reason with us on why he should have a brother. It was a no brainer when our agency asked what we would be requesting. A boy 10-20 months anticipating we'd get a two year old.

As a family we knew 1/2 of our costs were covered but how in the world would we come up with the other half? We didn't have $12,000 laying around and we surely didn't know where it was going to come from. We also knew our time line was going to be quick, we were a pilot family for our agency and it was a new program that was likely to move swiftly. Plus boys were less desired (still breaks my heart to think of that) and there was only one family ahead of us requesting a toddler boy. We prayed as a family for God to show up in a BIG way.

Sometime later that week our two oldest children came to us saying they knew they had money in their savings account and they wanted to give all of it towards the adoption of their brother. Touched by their heart, their generosity, and love for a small boy they didn't know we thanked them but said it was okay they didn't have to spend their money. As David and I prayed over our kids we realized how much damage we would do if we didn't let them walk out their faith in this way. The next day we told them we'd absolutely let them give but only if it was really what they felt the Lord wanted them to do. They were both so sure. By this time Olivia had been watching all of this play out and also said she didn't want her money, she wanted to give it for her little brother too. As a family we prayed for our son/brother and this single act is truly what I believe the Lord used to bind our hearts as one in unity pushing forward to bring our sixth family member home. We were still short a fair amount of money but we knew the Lord would provide in His perfect timing.

September 2007 - David was laid off from his job.

My world fell apart. How could God allow this? We were walking out what He'd called us to do. Weren't we? We'd given up our dream house, Starbucks, new furniture, vacations, and more. What could He be thinking? Our dossier was going to be submitted as soon as we got our I-171H which could be any day. Why now? What good could possibly come from this? I knew we were close. I could feel it. My son was out there. He was just waiting for us. I remember a friend talking me down from many a ledge as I vented my frustration with where God had us. Once again it wasn't about me. Even this was for our good and His glory.

My sorrow was short lived. I knew the one who owned it all and even through this trial I KNEW God had called us to adopt. He wouldn't abandon us now. Even in this HE had a plan. HE knew the end of the story. I was simply to trust. Walk. Obey. We did. We waited. We prayed. We waited some more. Davids severance package would only last so long. His prior company had denied his already earned bonus for the quarter laying him off just days before he was supposed to receive that check. I struggled not to be angry. I spent many hours giving our situation to the Lord. Then I took it back. Then humbly I'd lay it at His feet again. Repeat. It was constant.

Our I171H arrived, it was a bit anti-climatic as I tried to be happy. It sat in the envelope a few days, it wasn't the fairytale golden ticket moment I'd always imagined. I eventually got out of my funk. We submitted our dossier in faith that the Lord would provide the remaining funds needed. We applied to Show Hope for a grant because we didn't feel we had many other options.

The phone rang one morning. Caller ID let me know it was the ex-company that at that point I still wasn't real happy with. However, I did adore the HR gal so I answered sweetly. She asked how I was doing and if David had a job. I cheerfully answered no but that we were fine. She sounded happy so I thought maybe there had been some mistake and they had "accidentally" laid my husband off and they were calling to let us know this was all a big joke. Maybe our nightmare was over. David got on the phone and all I could hear was a whole lot of "uh huhs" and "okays" and he seemed a bit shocked. So hey it could happen right? They could have realized their grave mistake in laying off my rock star husband right? No not really the case but remember that bonus they had said they weren't giving him? They had a change of heart and it was now sitting in our bank account. True story. Only God. Another small detail is that the bonus amount was almost exactly what our referral fee would be. We withdrew our application to Show Hope. The Lord had provided in another way and we didn't want to take from another family that needed a grant more then us.

October 2007 - David got a new job, one month to the day since his layoff. Only God.

More to come......


Connie said...

We love our Redeemer and Deliverer...we never seem to like being in the place where He has to show up. I'm enjoying your story in print; so thankful to have you as my friend. 3,000 miles away - yet close. Only God.

Rachel said...

{{my full range of emotions}}

First, I laughed when I read "Quarter"!!! Really, Skyler??!! Hahaha Boys!

Then, I cried...when those wonderful kids offered their money. I LOVE THOSE SHUBIN KIDS!!!! May we never believe that kids---just because they're kids--can't serve Jesus with their whole hearts!!

And then, I literally felt the pain in my heart of David losing his job. And the anger over the bonus. Been there. Not exactly, but close enough.

And finally, I did cartwheels over God's provision!! (Well, not literal cartwheels, I'm still sitting on my couch...but in my heart I did cartwheels!!!!)

I'm with Connie--I LOVE this story and reading it in print...keep it coming!!

Andy and Kiara said...

Amazing. Incredible! That is the God we serve! It is always amazing to watch how He provides. :)

Steph said...

I am loving this! Can't wait to hear the rest and praise God for all HE has done. You are such an encouragement to me - I'm ready to start the process tomorrow but hubby isn't completely on board yet (of course, because of the money). Thank you for the reminder that though the waiting and trusting isn't always fun while it's happening, it is ALWAYS for our GOOD and totally worth it in the end. We serve a mighty God.

hope y'all are enjoying your weekend. :)

Danielle said...

You are a great story teller, I didn't even get up to get my Dr Pepper which is frozen and calling my name. :-D
God is good all the time, and I LOVE watching him provide your latest endeavor.
Run the good race my sweet friend, I am running with you!

Sarah said...

I remember all of that. So surreal! God was certainly playing a part in your lives, and it was amazing to watch. What an awesome God we serve.