Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Changed. Our Call To Adopt Part 4

The weeks leading up to our departure were filled with gathering donations for the HOH, orphanages, and the street kids. We had no idea what this trip would mean for us in the long term but we knew that God had something more for us then just the adoption of our son. We knew we wouldn't come back the same yet we weren't sure what that would look like. This was our first trip to Africa and we were both SO excited.

We were scheduled to leave on Super Bowl Sunday - we watched the game since I'd packed our bags days before. It was a great time to relax with the kids and our friends who had walked out our adoption with us, the ups and downs were very much understood. My friend Sarah was planning on taking us to the airport and my mother in law had flown in from Oregon to stay with the kids. We said our goodbyes at the house and off to the airport we went.

Giddy would be an understatement. It reminded me of the drive to the hospital each time I gave birth. This drive was just REALLY long and it happened to be a plane ride instead. The labor of love that looked like a whole pile of paperwork was behind us, our new son awaited us and our hearts were full as we reflected on all the Lord had done to get us to this point.

Arriving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was surreal. It was late and all we could see were people and the lights from the cars. We arrived at our guest house exhausted but running on adrenaline. I wanted sleep to come quickly so I could wake up and get to my boy as quickly as possible. The next morning we ate breakfast and met another family also waiting to get their daughter. Friends we had no idea would share the gift of meeting our children for the first time and how that binds you together. When our driver arrived we pummeled him with questions, quickly learning how much he loved our son and how much love and time he had invested in our precious boy. My eyes teared up as he talked about his personality and how he taught him songs and bible verses.

When we pulled into the compound I spotted Silas immediately. Ephrim shouted out "Baby ciao your mommy and daddy are here"! That little boy sprinted like nothing I've ever seen, he was in my arms before we even had the chance to get out of the car let alone get a camera ready. He started talking and asking questions expecting me to understand his every word. David was snapping pictures as quickly as he could, our new friends realizing this was THE moment took the camera from him. It was amazing and surreal, the beginning of our life together.

Our time in Ethiopia was incredible. I remember feeling so overwhelmed yet thrilled to be there. When we went to Silas' orphanage it was so tough to see all of the precious faces who desperately needed families. One little girl found my leg, I lifted her undiapered little self into my arms I melted. I remember looking at David and we both knew we'd return some day for our daughter.

We had been changed. Our hearts would never be the same. How could we ever forget what we'd seen? The people of Ethiopia forever etched in our hearts. We had not only fallen in love with a precious boy, we'd fallen in love with a culture, a people, a country. Now that we'd seen we could not ignore.

We boarded the plane headed home with our new son in our arms, our other children waiting on the other side of the world. Wondering what God had for us next, completely willing to do whatever He asked.

Our family was forever impacted by the process of adoption. By a small boy at the wee age of three. Someone so small, carrying a huge story, a regular American family fighting to bring their son home. United. Forever.

To God Be The Glory!!

As we wait on the Lord for His perfect timing in bringing our daughter home a new story is being written. We are blessed, humbled, and honored to be on this adoption road again.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.
---1 Samuel 1:27


Rachel said...

So fun to hear all the details. Love how God weaves a story in ways we can't even begin to fathom when we begin a journey.

Love to see how He's doing it yet again for baby girl Shubin. A faithful God placing the fatherless in families-what a thrill!

Anonymous said...

Yep, :sniff: this story still makes me cry.

Scrappy quilter said...

You have me in tears. I've loved reading your story. Hugs

Sarah said...

I read all this, and I remember it all like it was yesterday. Those days were intense, and a true blessing to all of us! What an awesome God we serve!