Saturday, July 24, 2010

They Met Online.

This was my sweet husbands response when a friend asked how I met
my precious friend Angie. He found himself quite funny actually. Although true in one sense not exactly true in another. It's not like we signed up on (although that would be funny) or something but we did meet online through our online adoption community.

Online friendships are unique. I don't mean in a weird sort of way but I mean truly amazing. They are unique in the fact that you know someones heart before you ever meet them in person. Some of my closest friends are people I've only met a couple times. Talking on the phone, emailing, and blogging together has some way of connecting you. Add to that Jesus and adoption and its as if your hearts are knit together and once you meet in person you pick up right where your email left off. Really really cool to be honest.

For that reason it seemed perfectly normal to have Joe, Angie, and the kids come down and stay with us for a long weekend. It was SO fun! Two families, connected through adoption, sharing the same faith, loving Ethiopia, precious kids, and the beach. Doesn't that make for a perfect vacation? We had a blast!! Staying up late, playing games, good wine, good conversation, M&M's, and lots of laughter. Our kids all get along great and Nichol was in heaven helping with "baby Silas". Yes we had met before, Angie's precious parents allowed us to stay with them as we were traveling through last summer on our cross country move I talked about here.
Here's the two pictures Angie captured from our two visits, I haven't edited mine so thank you Angie for this sweet comparison. Amazing how much our boys have changed.

These kids love each other so much. It's so fun to watch their little friendships build. Nichol and Skyler are so good with the littles.
Sweet feet!
Friendship is one of lifes greatest gifts - we look forward to life long memories with this couple. We love you guys!!
We hope to see you all soon!! Georgia in the fall.....;) We are blessed to call you friends.


Steph Moon said...

What's this about GA in the fall? I'm in GA... ;)

Steph said...

Just so you know, the comment above is from me. :) I signed in with the wrong account.

Lara said...

My husband teases me about online friendships. If I say I have this friend - he says, "A real friend or an internet friend?"

Alison said...

I totally get this...there is something so special about blog friends! I am going to get to meet some blog friends "in real life" this weekend, and I can't wait!!

Angel said...

I love it!! I was JUST talking about that today on my blog. I have made so many special friendships from my blog and our adoption community. What a blessing! :o) Angel

Becky said...

Totally get it and my hubby makes so much fun of me when I talk about my "blog" friends. Adoption has connected me to so many wonderful friends who just get it! And yes, your two boys have changed so much in a is amazing how fast they grow!!!!