Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My heart is full. I often have a difficult time putting into words the work the Lord is doing in my heart. When we talked about adopting for a second time I never doubted God would provide for every hurdle we would encounter. God equips the called rather then calling the equipped. I'm FAR from equipped. It's a challenge being completly dependant on the Lord and His perfect timing for everything. However just a little less then two months in I'm amazed at where the Lord has brought me in such a short amount of time. I can honestly say I wouldn't trade this fund raising portion of this adoption process for anything. Really and truly amazed at what the Lord has done, is doing, and will do in the future. Yesterday just seemed like an amazing culmination of events that made me realize that no matter the circumstance my King Jesus is all that matters. His sweet sweet loving kindness overpowers even the worst of circumstances.

Our home study visit was yesterday - the state of Florida requires two in home visits so our precious social worker will be back but not until she completes the first draft of our home study. The Lord totally knew who we needed for a social worker. This sweet woman is a perfect fit for our family. She loves Jesus, she's warm, kind, knowledgable and made us all feel very comfortable. We all just felt at peace and it was a really enjoyable time. Thank you Lord!! One step closer to our girl!!

As David prayed last night over dinner, thanking God for His provision, praying for our precious daughter a world away I was reminded of just how much we've been given. In this short amount of time we already have so many partners in this journey with us. Each little bit makes a difference. Each encouraging note, every sweet email, the comments on my blog, facebook, and through the mail. We read them all, we are so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends. Some of you have sacrificed in huge ways donating to our adoption fund to make it financially possible for us to bring an orphan into our home and make her our daughter. I don't ever want to forget those sacrifices. So beautifully reminding me of the sacrifice Jesus made for me in order to make me His daughter. We are completely humbled, moved, and blessed to watch friends, family, the body of Christ come together to support us, to give to us but in reality to give to the Lord in obedience to what He's called each of us to do in some way or another in caring for orphans and widows.

I was reading on my friend Kim's blog and she posted this video. I was once again moved to tears as an adult adoptee shares about growing up in a white family. I love it. This video is also what inspired Kim's latest shirt. I love the encouragement Michael gives to others who may be on the fence about adoption. His beautiful approach, his music, his testimony of what family has meant to him is amazing. Watch it. It's worth the 9 minutes.

Kim and her family also did a little promo video for their shirts. It made me smile. You should watch it too.
I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to those of you that have been apart of our journey thus far. For those of you who are continuing to support us and financially invest in the life of our daughter. To God be the Glory!


emily said...

Avery is fired up about the Africa cookie cutter! :)

We Are Family said...

I have never seen the video before. I am torn up! Thank you for posting.

Shelly Roberts said...

What a powerful video. I love to get to witness what the Lord is doing in and through your life, my friend!!! Love ya!

Rachel said...

Yep. I cried. think I might post too. It's just too good not to share.

Thankful to have you process out loud. I am blessed to watch what God is doing in you through this time of humble trust. Love you.

Unknown said...

Love you girl...so excited to watch the Lord move!!

Elissa Hill said...

Thanks for sharing, you always have such eloquent ways of wording things. Mine are so simply. Love your postings.