Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So. So. Close.

A wee update. Bottom line, I want to move on to the dossier fund raiser ticker (we'll need $4500 to submit our dossier and our next FUN raiser will also be unveiled then too) because its way more fun. Really. Promise it is. Who doesn't want to have their dossier submitted so you can officially begin the GRUELING wait for a referral?!?!?! I mean really. Since I'm sure all of my peeps are anxious to have me stop selling cookie cutters and repeatedly pushing these last 5 crazy T-shirts I'd love to get rid of lets get this show on the road!

We need $389 to be able to mail in our I-600a. That's it. $389 bucks. If 10 people give $40 we're done. That's it. TEN people. Make it easier how about 20 people give $20. Funded. I love being able to be a small part in peoples adoption stories. Here's your chance to join us in ours. $20 bucks to invest in a life. Really! That's it. Now will you always be able to join us in our journey through prayer and financial support? FOR SURE! However this is a crucial part of the adoption where we're essentially on hold until the funds come in. Once we get our documents in and we are DTE (Dossier To Ethiopia) we'll have a little reprieve (or long wait and time to raise the next big chunk-o-change) before our referral fees are due. That said we have a bit more cash to raise to get to that point. This first stage we need about $8,000 total and we (as in our family, our friends, YOU!) have raised $2941 so far! That's out of this world amazing! From that money raised we've been able to pay our initial agency fees, do our home study, pay for fingerprinting, the first background check, and 1/2 of the money for our I-600a is there. That's AMAZING!!! YOU have had a part in paying the ransom for a life. Our daughter. I can't wait for the day we see her face and even more for the day we can share her face with all of you who helped make this adoption possible.

So you can understand a little bit more just how much a little bit here and there adds up I'll share this. We have not had any donations over $250. We've had 7 donations that were $100 or more. We've had over 50 donations that have been under $25. That's right. $5, $7, $9, $10, $15, $20! Every little bit adds up. We are so grateful for any amount the Lord lays on your heart big or small. He owns it all and He will provide for every need both for our adoption and all of the other precious fund raising families out there. It is our prayer that not only as an adoptive family but also as a fund raising family we would represent Him well as we work through this journey one little bit at a time.

Here are the details on our task at hand. Bottom line we need to raise $389 so I can get our I-600 mailed out. I have five shirts left. That brings in about a $100 if I can sell them all. I also have 15 cookie cutters left. Yes we've sold a whole lot of them! THANK YOU for buying them!! That will bring in about $120! If we can sell everything we'll be 1/2 way to our goal! Here's where you come in. Will you consider buying a sweet Africa cookie cutter? For more information read my blog post about them right here. How about a shirt? I know I only have men's shirts left but seriously a chick could rock it too, I have one and love it.

Lastly, don't want anything? Will you consider being one of 20 individuals to donate $20 to get us past this stage in the adoption process? There is no pressure we know God has all of these details figured out yet we are committed to fighting for our girl even if that means tirelessly fund raising to get her home. She is worth it.


Unknown said...

Hi Erica! I am super pumped about the cookie cutters--Great find. I tried to order one, but it's not listed...did you sell out? Let me know, I'm hoping there's one left!
Have a great Thursday-- Kati

Chris said...

Erica, I'd like to torder a cookie cutter, but I'm not seeing on your blog how to do that? Could you please email me and let me know? Thanks so much!!

Chris Butler

Meliski said...

AH! I want a cookie cutter! (actually I want 3) But I can't see how to order them! Please help :)