Monday, May 10, 2010

Africa Shaped Cookie Cutters!!

We're still working on getting the last of our I-600a fees covered, our first home study visit is this afternoon and this past weekend I made some Africa shaped cookies. Aren't they cute? Don't mind the one that's a little over done. ;)
Everyone that saw them loved the idea! Always on the hunt for new fundraiser ideas I found these super cute cookie cutters! I bought them all. It was such a great deal I'm able to offer them here for a fair price and still make a decent profit to help fund our adoption fees. Right now they will be sold as a pre-order, I don't have all of them in but they should arrive by the end of the week.

They will sell for $9 each shipped. (see the left side bar on my blog to purchase) All proceeds go towards our adoption fees!
These metal cookie cutters measure 4 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and about an inch thick.
I only have a limited supply so order yours today!!

We still have some T-shirts left as well!
Women's T's are SOLD OUT!!! I may get more in but for now they are GONE!
Here are the men's T's we have left!! We're getting closer to our I-600a goal!!

Men's Swirl Design I have 2 Size L and 2 Size XL (the two pictured on the outside below)- I have ONE Size L in the original men's design. Featured here in the center of this picture.

Last but not least an amazing adoption video. I wept as I watched and listened to this family share their journey to their precious daughter Evyn. Its a beautiful beautiful picture of Gods provision and such an encouragement to my heart as we work our way through fundraising. Watch it. You'll love it.

Evyn's Gotcha Day + Adoption story from emily Vogeltanz on Vimeo.


Marci said...

Do we just pay the money through Paypal for the cookie cutters? I didn't see anything specifically for the cookie cutters.

Great idea!

missy said...

just ordered my cookie kids are going to LOVE it. what a great idea! i'll be excited if you get the women's shirts back in. i meant to get one awhile ago. i'm excited to be a tiny part of your process. so excited for your family!

emilyvogeltanz said...

So good to "meet" you here in blog world! Thanks for sharing our story/video. I am excited to watch your story unfold as you prepare to bring home your daughter!! I'm officially a follower of your blog now! :)


Cindy said...

I have fought so hard against is a beautiful video..but for our family rescue is not a beautiful word :(
It brings sadness and pain to a child who we hope will love her country rather then view it as a place that she needed to be rescued from. I understand that it is being used in the Christian context but outside that very narrow viewpoint it can cause a lot of hurt to a child. My child has heard and seen people sneer in disgust and thank us for rescuing her from that terrible place. It is heart breaking, it implies that she owes us something and it tells her that her birth family and country are worth less then....
Just a different viewpoint I guess...
I am enjoying watching your amazing fund raising. It gives me hope that we will get through it as well! LOL!