Monday, November 23, 2009


Today we took a little day trip to Orlando. I've never been to Orlando. Crazy I know but true. Rachel and I joined forced and hauled our crew too meet up with this classy lady and her girls. It was sweet to have Kim drive up and Brandi joined us too. It was wonderful meeting Kim and Wendi, seeing Brandi is always a pleasure. Our kids had a fab time and we talked orphans, adoption, and doing more. God is GOOD!

Whats a meet up without pictures?!

Thanks ladies for a great afternoon. Praying for you Henry's as you leave for Ethiopia, praying for Brandi and family as they prepare to move across the country, praying for Kim and Rachel as they fund raise for their Ethiopian Adoptions! Thank you Father for these precious ladies.


Bethany said...

Fun times...wish I was there!

Did you go Blonde Blonde??? Or is that the flordia sun working the color?? CUTE!

Erica said...

Its the sun sweet chicka! I'm so not that blonde!