Sunday, November 22, 2009


I was talking with David today and just felt so incredibly blessed by our church family. Its extremely uncommon to walk into a church family and just fit right in. Its not common to move across the country and make friends almost instantly. (in my case David found my friends for me and just said I'd like them, good thing I did! If you know my husband you understand why this is so incredibly funny) Friends that are so much like you with a like mind and a like heart that it could only be God. Not only friends but a church that preaches the word of God and a pastor that brings it each week. I mentioned today that I was pretty sure he was at my house this week and I didn't know it. Thank you Joe. You challenge us weekly and we're blessed to serve with you.

Today I'm thankful for Gods PERFECT plan, His divine plan for our lives even when we really think its crazy. He brought us here for a purpose and I feel honored and humbled that He chose little old me to come hang on the beach in Florida. Blessed to "do life" with some amazing people and excited to see what HE has planned for the future.

Each week we go to Chili's for fellowship and of course free chips and salsa. Our waitress is amazing, she's become a friend and we all love her dearly. Its a pretty sweet deal!

Whats a post without pictures? Silas went up to these two young men tonight and church and put his arms around both. Later in the car he told us this: "Those guys were SO cool mom". I'm pretty sure he almost won that arm wrestling match!


We Are Family said...

From someone who is sure that God is working on moving them. This post encourages me. God bless you and your family!

emily said...

What a blessing indeed, honestly makes me a bit jealous. Do you guys need a good orthodontist there?