Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Moment.

Katie Davis challenges me. Really really challenges me. She's a 21 year old girl with 13 little girls that call her mommy. You should read this post.

Despite our involvement in advocating for adoption and orphan care I was completely leveled reading Katies post. This paragraph really got me.

We are the body of Christ. But do we know what that means? Do we long for our brothers and sisters to be comfortable and fed and well? Do we long for it enough that we are uncomfortable under our blankets at night or eating our pancakes in the morning? Do we feel the hurt that God feels as He watches the body of Christ sit back and allow these precious children of his to perish? Maybe sometimes. But sometimes, we are too busy, or we forget, or hurting for our own children is enough. We are the body of Christ. We need to hurt. We need to react. Their needs to be the same urgency and panic and frustration and desperation as if these were our own children. They are God's children.

To be honest I don't think about what others are experiencing when I get excited over clean sheets and a warm down comforter. I don't think about it as I drink my cup of perfectly brewed coffee in the morning. I know I'm not doing enough. Are you?

During this holiday season its the perfect time to give more. Why not give water? As we enjoy an abundance of food there are children half a world away who just want some cool water. Water! That's it. They don't even have clean water! Will you join us in giving water for Christmas? How about water for Thanksgiving? (yeah I made that up but hey - its coming up so why not?)


mama becca said...

I read that too, and it leveled me, too. what katie is experiencing is why i freak out about where people's money goes... it's why i freak out about politics and the wasted arguing and funding. for what? for nothing, all why children die. we as a body DON't care. if we really did, things would be different in our world. very different. we care about the wrong things, and if jesus came back tomorrow, i fear we'd be leveled for caring more about our moral stances than our children. I wonder what His righteous anger would look like, on behalf of the poor.
thanks for posting this, friend.

Special Delivery said...

Such a fantastic young lady! She asks a question with such ponderance. What a great reminder to do more, give more, love more this holiday season! Thanks for sharing!

emily said...

She can rock your world can't she- actually the Spirit moving in is so easy to get comfortable, but we have to FIGHT to make a difference, to be the hands and feet of Christ, to love as He has called us to love and not long for the comforts of this much easier to type it, than live it.

Thankful for you!!!