Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Livi Lou!!

We love you!!

I'm late in posting. Its been a wild couple of days and it appears that's the way its going to be around here for a bit. Never a dull moment.

This morning Olivia walked in my room and climbed in my bed with me. She asked what we were doing the morning she was born. She was born just after 5am and whisked off to the NICU, I knew she wasn't in my arms at 7am. I did know her daddy never left her side that cold April morning so it was perfect. I cuddled with her and told her all about the day she came into this world. Love those sweet moments.

I took her to lunch in the middle of the school day and brought lemon cupcakes in for the whole class. Liv went with me to get David from the airport and this weekend is the real celebration of her birthday.

Olivia girlie you make us smile, your jokes, and random thoughts, you melt our hearts with your laugh, and we can't imagine life without you. Its hard to believe your already SEVEN! Daddy and I pray for you daily, that you grow into a strong woman, fiercely loyal, sensitive, and kind to others. A spirit filled woman of faith loving our Savior Jesus Christ. May you grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior more and more each day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liv! :D I hope you have a very wonderful birthday weekend! :D

drea said...

Ahh...happy birthday indeed!!!

emily said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! We love you and miss you very much!
Auntie Kathy and Uncle David.

mama becca said...

what a sweet girl :).
My pete was wisked off to the NICU, too... how grateful are we to have these blessings????
happy b'day to you, too mama!!! (don't you always want to celebrate too? like HELLO! I birthed that kid!)

Christy. said...

Happy Birthday!

Lauren said...

Liv is so sweet! We love her. Happy Birthday Liv!

Mozi Esme said...

Happy birthday, Olivia! You're just one day ahead of me! (and a couple of years...)

Aimee- said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. I can't believe that you aren't that little 3 year old that we fell in love with any more. Time Flies! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! Hope your weekend is SUPER FUN!

The Harrells

Sarah said...

I know I'm late, but I wanted to wish little liv a very Happy Birthday!! We love you!!!

God's Girl said...

Oh my goodness! Where does the time go! Liv, you are already 7?

Well happy birthday sweet girl!

You are absolutely precious!

Love, Todd, Julie and Sophie