Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RUN! Don't walk!

On over to the sweet Gurske's and congratulate them on their new baby GIRL!!!

Yes we are THRILLED for you sweet friends and big brother Leul!! We can't wait to meet this sweet princess!

We love you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

To all my facebook friends.....I am SO sorry for frustrating you today with my status. I truly didn't think it would get that much attention! Bethany made me wait ALL stinkin day before she finally posted to her blog!! She did find great humor in all the hubub that status caused. ;)


emily said...

So excited for them!!!

Bethany said...

lol love you friend! You've been such a rock in my life! Thank you! now...if I can just find you a reason to come be closer to me....

Lisa said...

How exciting! Praying you are having a blessed week as well!