Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shopping With a Purpose

I love to shop. I really enjoy finding a good deal. Lately I've really been looking at how to shop with a purpose. Not to just get the things we need to survive (food, drink, clothing, household items, etc) but the things we don't "need" but desire to give or enjoy for our own pleasure. This has brought me to the place of searching for items that give back. I have enjoyed this little quest, of course it is what led to my selling Suubi Beads, the large majority of the items I bought on my last trip to Ethiopia were directly from different organizations that work with women and families to make a living creating something. I thought it would be fun to not only compile a list of great places to purchase beautiful things but places that also give back or support a cause I firmly believe in. This list is not inclusive or exclusive so if you have a great link post it in my comments and I'll add it to this list and I'll link back to it on my side bar.

Banana Leaf Art Cards - I actually met some of these women in Addis, incredible work, beautiful cards, and an amazing ministry in Jimma, Ethiopia. http://jimma-banana-art.com/

Oatsvall Village - Cute T's, paper beads, and more! All the proceeds from these sales go to help bring Joseph and Abigail home from Uganda! How cool is that?!?!? My sweet friend Gwen and her family are a huge encouragement, Gwen has a reckless abandon for our Jesus and it's contagious!

Suubi Beads - I sell them from my Suubi blog, and can also buy them directly from LightGivesHeat

JunkPosse - Tracy is amazing. Her unique jewelry is not only high quality but like nothing you'll find anywhere else. I purchased my Africa necklace in the middle of our adoption, it is still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

Africare - Cute Shirts, great cause.

Ahope - Memorial Bracelets, T-shirts, Jewelry, and more. All while helping AIDS orphans.

TinyRockStar - In their own words. TinyRockstar exists to enable consumers to become investors in children all over the world. By clothing your child with TR gear you join the fight for orphans living in extreme poverty. Founded in 2007, TinyRockstar is a privately held company based in Frisco, TX.

Tom's Shoes Super cute shoes, GREAT cause! Buy a pair of shoes for you and Tom's sends a pair of shoes to a child in need. Awesome!

FEED - The goal of FEED Projects is to market and sell as many FEED bags as possible and to FEED and educate the world's 400 million hungry children.

Wild Olive - This company chooses a charity to donate to - right now its Shaohannah's Hope! They are also offering free shipping through April 7th. Can't beat that! Cute shirts with a message, great cause!

Bead For Life

Another amazing paper bead program in Uganda. Great cause, gorgeous beaded jewelry.


Drink Gobena coffee, support orphan care!


Susanz Place said...

very cool!
it's so great to read your blog and watch God take your desires and put purpose to them.

Keep Him Centered,
susan - xoxox

Chelsea said...

Great list! Some of these are new to me so I may have some shopping to do :) I love the Banana Art-we sent those as Christmas cards this year and ordered extras to put in a cute collage frame for our baby's room.

You could also add Gobena Coffee http://www.gobena.org/home.html

Laura said...

fun list! i just found your personal blog(i had seen the adoption one). i love your passion for Christ! we are still waiting to go get taye (yohannes) but i love reading over the info you sent about him!

Brooke said...

Ohh I love this post! I love shopping with a purpose.

A couple years back I sold the "Bead For Life" Beads for Uganda. It's such an amazing program. The beads are super cool too. I wear the necklaces all the time.

Thanks for this post!

Rebecca said...

Great post! I love having all of these sites in one place. I'm totally starring this post in my google reader :)

Anonymous said...

Great list. Thank you!!

Mom to many said...

Thanks for this great list! Now I need to go shopping!!!