Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Is Here!!

It feels like I haven't blogged much lately. Lots happening yes which is probably why I have ZERO time to blog. I'm trying to be a better blogger and hopefully I'll feel more inspired to write soon. I love remembering things the kids say this way and documenting life.

Recently I was looking back at old posts and I can't believe how much the kids have changed in just a year. Looking back on Silas a year ago and how far we've come. (Post coming on that soon)

Life has just been crazy, I feel like its been turned upside down in a way and frankly I'm not liking it. God is working on my heart in this area and I'm praying I learn quick so this "phase" ends soon. :) God is good and worthy to be praised no matter what the circumstance. I choose to praise Him. Yes, I tell myself that daily.

In the meantime we have been a busy little fam teaching the children important life skills such as poker. Its going well. :)

Yes we feed him.
When its not Saturday night poker we're soakin up the rays in the AZ sun! We spent a weekend draining, cleaning, and re-filling the pool. It needed it bad! It was beautiful weather and aside from a serious sunburn all went well. Now we have a sparkly clean pool

People say she looks just like her mama. Look again!

Miss Nichol started softball this month and she's LOVING it! Never played before and she's getting the hang of it quite quickly. We've spent time at the batting cages and her team plays very well together, so far they've won both of their games. Tonight is game three!
Go Bama Roll Tide!

This past weekend we broke out the chiminea and roasted marshmallows for smores. It was so cute to watch Silas. His first smore, his first fire roasting, he was loving it. Don't let this face fool ya! Silas and Col were making faces at each other for pictures. Nichol captured this perfectly! So its a little toasty! Its all good!

He says it was his funnest day! Can't wait til he experiences Disneyland!!
Look at the little dipper ma!

This is how we roast 'em in Arizona!
She's the talented one.
Daddy and his girlie's.


emily said...

So fun to get caught up a bit! Love the pics of the kids. Wick's ribs look the exact same- :)

Christy. said...

Hang in there! God has a plan in all of this, although it's rough going until the plan is revealed!! I am praying for you!

Elissa Hill said...

Ha Ha! I haven't roasted marshmellows in forever! LOL. Sounds fun!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

You guys have 4 beautiful kids! And this Oregonian wants to go swimming in your pool and soak up your warm sunshine! :)

Thanks for all of your kind comments on my blog!!

Missionary Hicks said...

I can't wait to see the Disneyland pics... Exciting!

Sam said...

These pics are awesome!! Hope you are well!