Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Urgent Help Needed in Ethiopia & Swaziland!!!


Thank you Amy for making this current need known! Please read the following post from Tom Davis.

URGENT! Help Feed Hungry Kids in Ethiopia and Swaziland

Friends, I need your help this month to deliver 120,000 meals to Ethiopia and Swaziland. The food situation in both countries is dire, and I'm asking you to help today with a gift.

Last month, Children's HopeChest walked right into the food crisis in Ethiopia. While I was leading a team in Swaziland, I received this urgent message from our staff in Ethiopia:

Tom, I've just gotten back from Moses' Children's Home here in Ethiopia. Their needs cannot wait and the food situation is beyond critical. I'm doing what I can to get food to the kids, but we need money right away to secure regular food for the next few months. If not, many of the kids here will risk starvation. Please help.

Moses' Children's Home is one of the orphanages in line for sponsorship. Until two months ago, their private funding was supporting this work. Now, those funds are gone, and the kids are hungry.

I was in Swaziland in January, and it's the same story there. So many hungry kids. We're launching several new carepoints, and want to make sure they are set up for feeding as many kids as possible.

Children's HopeChest has crafted rapid intervention to get food to Ethiopia and Swaziland. Here's the plan and how you can help:

$3,125 is needed immediately to send 20,000 meals to Ethiopia. This food is bound for Moses' Home, Abenezer's Home, and some of the orphanages where Ryan Brown and Gladney are working.

An additional $10,000 is needed to purchase a container to ship 100,000 meals to Swaziland for use in the CHC carepoints there. The container will remain in Swaziland and our staff will use it as a storage container for ministry items.

$13,125 for one container and 120,000 meals. Can you help us?

Use the DONATE link below to go directly to the giving page. Put "FEBRUARY FOOD PROJECT" in your note.


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