Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forever Family Day

I'm a bit behind in the posting of this but I realized we didn't arrive back home in Phoenix one year ago until about 9:30pm anyways. :)

I've been working on a little video of Silas' first year home for awhile but its had a few glitches so I'm hoping to get it posted tomorrow. :)

I just don't want let this day go by without a post. :)

With all the craziness around here the past week or so we're celebrating this weekend in the SNOW!

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Stubborn Hope said...

Hi! my name is Emily and Amy bottomly gave me your blog. We're thinking about adopting from Ethiopia and are considering our little 5 year old girl that we are sponsoring. She said you adopted an older boy and I'd love to know about your transition. Learning language, fitting into a family, etc. Could you e-mail me at if you ever have time??? :) Thanks so much! your family is BEAUTIFUL!