Monday, February 9, 2009

Mission Ethiopia 2009

My sweet husband made a video montage of our trip to Ethiopia. He took the pictures off my computer without me knowing and created this beautiful video as a surprise while he was out of town. Love it. It so beautifully captures Ethiopia, the people, and how blessed we were to be there. Enjoy!


Bethany said...

Jeff and I were randomly sitting together and clicked on your video together...uhh captivating!

I would love a late night convo. Any night works for me.

Great Great Great Great husbo! I might hug him next time I see him lol.


Nicholas said...

What an amazing, amazing reminde and view of your recent trip! Wow, Erica, you must have seen it so differently this time around without bringing Silas home.

Thank you David for doing this for "us", it was MORE than a treat and a blessing to watch.

My heart melts for Ethiopia - and I cannot wait to return!

Christy. said...

My Jeff and I just watched this together, it was amazing! :0)
It made me so excited to go to Ethiopia, the kids are so beautiful and their smiles make me smile!

I Love Purple More Than You said...

What a great video! And what a nice thing for your hubby to surprise you with!

Sarah said...

This video just made my whole day! I'm sitting here crying (when I should be getting ready for work! lol) as I'm reminded of the wonderfully amazing time we had in Ethiopia. I have tears because I miss Ethiopia so much and tears because I know the immense joy there is in Ethiopia. Thanks for posting this and thank your husband for making it. We should go back before 2010! ;)

megan said...

What a great Video... It looks like you had a amazing trip!

Holli said...

I MISS ETHIOPIA!!!! What a wonderful video/slide show......I LOVE AND MISS EHTIOPIA! (also Zeyid too!:))

Lisa said...

Thank you both for sharing the pictures. They are truly worth a thousand words.

Love ya ~