Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog Buzz: Why Ethiopia?

RLC has started a new little thing called "Blog Buzz". There are three questions posted each week and then you blog about whichever question suits your fancy! Or all three if you're really into it! Check it out HERE.

I chose to write about number two.

Why did you decide to adopt from Ethiopia? What are the pros and cons of adopting from this county?

During our adoption journey I posted about this topic on our adoption blog here. While I still agree with that post I feel like I have a deeper understanding of why God called us to Ethiopia, why he wanted us to adopt, what an incredible eye opening experience this has been, and of course the biggest blessing of all has been our amazing son Silas.

I had always wanted to adopt from the time I was a young girl. David knew that before we married and he was very open to the idea. Life happens and three kids later, we were "done". And then the Lord changed our hearts.

When we first felt the Lord pressing on our hearts to add to our family through adoption we really thought we'd adopt from Russia. David is full blooded Russian so it just seemed natural to adopt from Russia. It wasn't long before God slammed that door and we realized we needed to be on our knees again seeking what God wanted for us and not what we "assumed". Within a week both David and I said Ethiopia. The Lord had made it so clear and despite the different challenges we knew we'd face (what parent doesn't face challenges in raising kids?) we were at complete peace.

I guess for us the "pro's" were 1. How quick the adoption process was at that time. (it isn't that quick anymore but still years ahead of other programs) 2. Children's Hope was just starting their Ethiopia program and we just knew that was our agency. 3. The Ethiopian people love their children and this was a huge thing for us beings we were adopting a toddler and unaware of what his history may be. To us it said a lot about Ethiopia as a country.

This process has opened our eyes on a deeper level, David and I always had a heart for those experiencing true poverty, we had done several mission trips as teens, we desire to make a difference in the world, and seeing first hand the needs of others has left us wanting to do more.

Honestly I can't think of any cons. David and I have such a passion for adoption, even more so now then when we first started this journey. We have an even deeper love for Ethiopia, for Africa, and for their people. I can't think of a more beautiful thing then opening your heart and your life to a child.

Many have asked us why we would adopt after already having three kids.
Our question is: Why not?


Amy said...

lovely post as well Erica!

I say yes, yes, and yes to all you wrote. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your beautitul story :)

Aimee- said...

I wish we were at a place where we could adopt! But there would have to be some major and I do mean MAJOR changes and things that would have to happen!

I also thought that I would adopt too, growing up, being adopted myself.