Friday, May 30, 2008



I am: content in who God made me to be
I think: we can all make a difference in the world
I know: how strong the power of love is
I want: to go back to Ethiopia
I have: the best husband and children ever
I wish: we disagreed less and acted more
I hate: ignorance
I miss: my dad
I fear: failure
I feel: the pain of others deep in my soul
I hear: the food network in the back ground
I smell: lotion
I search: for what the Lord has for me daily
I wonder: what the future holds
I regret: not meeting our sons birth family
I ache: to know more about them
I care: about the future
I always: look for the meaning in things
I am not: a liberal but, I love my liberal friends even still ;)
I believe: that nothing is by "chance"
I dance: with my kids
I sing: to my kids when I should be talking
I cry: when I read about the suffering in Ethiopia
I don’t always: find the words for what I'm trying to say at the moment
I fight: for whats right
I write: this blog because I love it
I win: when I surrender
I lose: when I want my own way
I never: want to forget my kids' little moments
I confuse: my kids' names when calling one of them
I listen: to others
I can usually be found: drinking a cup of coffee
I am afraid of: someone kidnapping my kids
I need: to spend more time talking to my kids about life related issues
I am happy about: the gift of family, adoption, and summertime!

Thank you Stacy for tagging me. I took a few answers from you, they were great! I am tagging Holli, Abby, Stacie, and Tammy. and Sarah too because I wasn't trying to exclude her. AND ANGELA cause she wants to be tagged too. In fact anyone that wants to be tagged, consider yourself tagged. :)


Sarah said...

Alright! I'm jealous! Wheres my tag! Fine I see how it is.....

Stacie said...

Well done! I'm glad to know you still love your liberal friends! :) I still love my conservative friends too! See we can all get along!! Thanks for playing!

Aimee- said...

What a neat-o misquito tag!

My Blessed Life said...

Thanks for the tag this was fun.