Tuesday, December 3, 2013

9. He's NINE.

I'll forever wonder how time flies so quickly. 

 Today is especially one of those days. 

 Today we celebrate Silas turning 9. 

 Its hard to believe really. 

 This three year old little man came into our lives talking a mile a minute, turned our family upside down in the most beautiful incredible way. He's done more world changing in his little life then some will ever do. The best part.....he doesn't even know it. 

 Silas buddy you're a blessing to our family, I'm proud to be your mom, honored that God chose you to be my son. I'm thankful for who you are and I'm excited to watch you grow and learn. Your deep desire for the things of God, His word, and your passion to see others know him challenges me. Your heart for the world and people humbles me. Son, God has big plans for your life and I can't wait to see what those are. Keep your eyes fixed on HIM, don't be distracted by the world, hang on to your individuality, who you are in Jesus and don't let anyone tell you to change. I love you and we can't wait to celebrate YOU tonight! 

*Silas at 3 and Silas at 9

Nine Things About Silas! 

 1. He loves people, especially new people. Its like a personal challenge for him to get to know them. 

2. He can do just about anything he puts his mind to. 

3. He is a hard worker. 

4. He loves anything hot and is especially partial to aardvark sauce. 

5. His favorite food is pizza or injera. 

6. He asked for peaches for his birthday. 

7. He has written his first comic book and paid his sister to illustrate it. 

8. He loves green apples. 

9. Silas loves Jesus with his WHOLE heart and it is evident in his daily life. I've never seen a child so young understand the word of God so deeply.

Everyone needs a little early Silas chatter.  

Silas, I love you to the moon and back son.  Enjoy your last year in the single digits!

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That video is precious!