Monday, November 11, 2013

HOLLA to the NEW blog DESIGN and I'm back!

Its been MONTHS of back and forth but I'm indecisive and my amazing most awesome blog designer has been SO gracious and patient with me. That said - it's DONE (until my next itch for a blog redo - I'm sure Jenn is shaking her head no) and my precious daughter who has been home for 2.5 years is finally pictured on the blog!! A HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to Jenn at Jenn Jordan Designs, she's quite lovely and kind.  Did I mention patient?  When I complained about not liking what I just said I'd love or asked for a change she would even make me feel good and say she didn't really care for the old way either.  She's great like that.  So, THANK YOU Jenn and when I'm in Oregon - Starbucks on me - I just really can't thank you enough.  

Friends.....what this means is that when you want a blog-over you really need to contact Jenn.  She's fantastic.  Leave a comment to let her know how fab she is!

I feel like I need to write 25 blogs to catch up on the last six months but I won't bore you.  I will write one blog with 25 things to update you so come back tomorrow for that.

Since every blog post needs a picture.......I'll leave you with one of those too.  My kids from this summer.  I really love this random picture I took on Z's 7th birthday.

Happy Monday All!!

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