Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Love Story: Part II

More of our la tee dah la la love story!

In case you missed the first post - you'll find that here.

So we're friends, we've gotten beyond the big glasses we both sported, now a wee bit hotter in our new contacts.  We've entered the 90's.  We have youth group together, I'm still not as cool as he is, there's mud volleyball, 40 foot Ice Cream Sundaes, water fights, and a circle of friends where the girls have all had a crush on one or the other of these Shubin boys.  I'm still a tom boy, not really into boys for anything other then friends.  Then I hit about 14 and the thought of a "boyfriend" entered the picture, that idea quickly left when I was reminded that I'm not allowed to date.  I was okay with it at that moment, although curious and life went on.

That next Fall there was a pastors seminar that my parents were attending - I was allowed to go as were several other older kids.  Davids family also went - that David he was kind of a bit of a rebel ya know....I was perfect.  ;)  I liked the rebel in him.  We were "just friends" but I was curious, okay so maybe he was too.  He held my hand.  My parents freaked.  I vowed to never do that again.  (note: not a good idea to hold hands at a super strict pastors seminar with your parents there, we weren't all that stealth) 

Come summer our homeschool organization again put on a seminar that also had a children's seminar where us "older" kids could volunteer to help.  I liked kids so this seemed like a good fit.  Those Shubins were in this same homeschool circle and they were volunteering too.  All of us volunteers went early and since I didn't drive yet we got a ride. David had just gotten a new to him car and he was pretty impressed with himself so he drove.  (it did have a sun I guess that made it extra cool)   I think my parents were nervous to let me hang with this rebel child in any fashion.  I mean we'd held hands and all..... 

This week was different I realized something.  Again, boys and girls aren't really supposed to mingle at these events (or ever really, unless you're married) but I couldn't help notice that on Davids team there was a little boy that was adopted and he had some pretty major special needs.  He couldn't walk and every time we had a large group session David would take him out of his wheelchair and put him on his shoulders.  I filed that little tidbit away as something I'd need to see in a future husband since I knew I wanted to adopt someday and whoever I married would have to be okay with this.  (years later my mom asked how I knew David would be a good husband and this was the exact thing I told her)

Sometime later my parents thought I needed to attend a girls "finishing" school of sorts with our home school organization.  I wasn't opposed but I also knew how strict this organization was and how much of a tom boy I was.  I had friends that were going, Masha was a team leader there so I didn't figure it would be that bad.  Besides it was two months in another state, forget the fact that I had to wear skirts the whole time, maybe I'd make some new friends and I might even learn a thing or two.  Around this same time David decided to join the guys version of "refinement" school.  It was more like military boot camp and honestly I was a little jealous because they got to do MUCH more exciting things!  Who wouldn't want to repel off buildings, gut deer, dive, and hike?  We left around the same time and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about him while I was away.  He had become a good friend and I trusted him more then most of my other friends.  

I returned home all refined, David was asked to go to Russia to remodel some orphanages there, his brother was already teaching English in Russia so his parents sent him.  I was again jealous, why in the world did he get to do all these AWESOME things and all I got to do was learn how to emboss and arrange flowers!  David was gone over Christmas and returned that January, his sister arranged a surprise welcome home, it was fun, he was home, and only time would tell what the future held.

Part III to follow.....


Anonymous said...

remembering all this makes me smile. :-) hurry on part 3! :-)

Danielle said...

Ok, I'm a dork, but I just realized, that MY Masha Shubin,is your Masha... Hahaha

I also didn't realize that David was ATI too!

Loving the way you're zoomin' through the time-line. :-)

Love ya!

We Are Family said...

I'm loving this! SO cute!