Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Years Ago Today. We Met Her.

Our precious daughter Zahra Reign.

It was a long and crazy road that culminated in one tiny room filled with two very anxious parents, two incredible photographers, and two other parents who had just met their son.  

It didn't matter that we'd been here before, its that moment when you see your childs face for the first time.  Whether laboring to deliver a child or laboring across an ocean the feelings of anticipation and excitement are the same.  

For us.....this moment is captured perfectly in the picture below.  

This was our first glimpse of our precious, sweet, shy, little princess.

From the beginning it was my prayer that our sweet girl would love her daddy, that she would connect with him quickly and she would be a daddy's girl.  God gave me a tiny glimpse of what their relationship would become captured beautifully in this picture.

Holding her leveled me.  She was mine, I was hers.  

She fit perfectly between us.  She gave a tiny smile.  We assured her that she would be alright.

Two years later we've weathered hard, painful grief.  We've sobbed together, we've laughed, we've battled hard.  We're better because of you little Z.  We understand the depths of grief a little more, we know the sass of the Ethiopian princesses first hand, and we are blessed beyond measure that God let us be your family.

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Mama Mimi said...

Aw beautiful. I remember following your journey to her and crying every step of the way. I can see what a blessing she is to your family, and you to her! =)