Monday, March 25, 2013

Introducing Do Justice T- Shirts and a surprise!! Pre-Order

Hey Yo!  Recently David and I designed New T's for this Spring to raise funds for ministries we love in Ethiopia as well as much needed supplies for those ministries.  I'm (boss man's going to and working on few projects himself) headed back next month and we can't wait!  PLUS I just LOVE these! They are printed on some FABULOUS T's that fit amazing and are just super cute! (okay so the chick ones are cute, the dude ones are manly)  A flowy fantastic dolman style for women and a great tri-blend T for men!   It gets even better!  The kids' T's are also a fabulous super soft tri-blend with a burnout style for girls!  PLUS at the very bottom there's a wee surprise!  ;)  All new!  

I launched these T's at Created for Care but this is the first time they've been available online!  THANK YOU for all your support!

The Womens T's 

Comes in two colors, these fit true to size, flowy dolman style and are so comfy.

Heather white 

Of all the T's, sweatshirts, long sleeve T's, burnouts, and almost every other kind of shirt I've done in the past I've had people ask me for tanks.  I thought it was a little crazy honestly.  Then I started buying Sevenly T's and realized it wasn't so crazy when they started selling tanks and everyone loved them.  So here we are......with tanks.  Perfect for summer, gifts, for teens, they are awesome!

Women's Tank Tops 

Flowy racer back tank in four colors - fits true to size

White Tank
Gray Tank

Royal Tank

Coral Tank

Men's T - 

Super soft tri-blend in CharcoalFits true to size
Boys T's -  

Super soft tri-blend in charcoal or royal

Girls T's

Raspberry Burnout T 

White Burnout T 

Gray T-shirt 

Email me with any questions - this IS a pre-order and shirts will be ordered in ten days with delivery a week or two after that.  Thats right you only have TEN DAYS to order!  Don't miss out!  

Paypal ordering information is on the right side of my blog.


Becky said...

Love those! Gonna order when I get home to my computer!!!

The Redman's said...

Did I miss the "surprise"? 😊

The Redman's said...

Did I miss your "surprise"? 😊

Anonymous said...

For the dolman-style women's tees, which category do I order them under? Your blog says women's and girls', but under the sizes only has girls' listed and doesn't have the right color options (white/charcoal). I just want to make sure I order the right thing. Thanks!

Erica said...

HA HA! TANK TOPS Ms. Suzi!!!

Rebecca - GREAT catch! THANK YOU! I'm not sure what happened with that ordering weirdness! Its all fixed now! :)

Mary said...

LOVE these and want to order but don't see paypal info on the it just me???
Let me know if there is another way to order and also how much the shirts are.
Thanks so much!

Erica said...

Mary if you scroll up to the top the order info is under "Retail Therapy" - the shirts are $20 each. Let me know if you need anything else!

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm sorry to have so many questions, but do you ship internationally or do I need to have it shipped to an address in the US? It has an option to try to see what shipping would cost internationally, but it kept coming up zero for me, and I know that can't be right. :)

Erica said...

I do ship to Canada - where did you want it shipped to? It would be easiest to ship to the US address....I think I'm only configured for Canada which is probably why it showed 0.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Erika. I live in Turkey, so I think it will be easiest to have it shipped to my parents and I'll have them deal with getting it to me. Thanks so much. :)

Unknown said...

Have these shipped yet? I pre-ordered one but haven't gotten it yet so I wanted to check. Thanks.