Friday, May 11, 2012

Why The Mommy-Wars?

Seriously?  Is there not enough out there to fight about already?  My personal parenting style shouldn't have any affect on whether or not I'm "Mom enough".  I'm a Mom.  Whether I nursed or bottle fed, co-slept or kept my babes in a crib in another room doesn't define who I am as their mother.

Causing an uproar in mommy-land like the most recent cover of Time Magazine has does more to divide mothers then unite them.  I won't be sharing my personal opinions on how to care for, feed, or parent my child.  That's really not the point.  Standing up for what you believe?  Sure, go for it.  Putting a picture of yourself with your breast exposed and your three year old standing on a chair suckling with a caption "Are You Mom Enough" somehow suggests that unless you do this you aren't "quite a mom".  
This suggestion bothers me on many levels but its eerily close to what I've seen in the adoption world when people make crazy comments like "which ones are your real kids"?  Or "are you their real mom"? 

Why aren't we in an uproar about the children that don't even have a mommy?  What about the children in foster care?  Lets shout about that from the cover of Time!  

One of my favorite bloggers wrote out exactly how I feel.  Please take the time to read her words at the link below.

Another good article on the subject.

Lets band together as Mothers this Mothers day to UNITE, to FIGHT for the children who don't have a mama to tuck them in at night and lets NOT argue about how to feed them.  Love MUCH.  Love WELL.  Love OTHERS.


*Ashley Lou* said...

I SOO agree! When I think about the criticism and "advice" I get about how to raise my child 'right' (my child who happens to have lived the majority of his life in an orphanage and isn't even HERE yet!) it makes me crazy. I think it's our desire for success as women--and ultimately mothers--that drives us to destroy each other...but I, for one? Refuse to be part of that war. Give me something worth fighting for...Children like my Judah Melaku??? That's something I will go to war over!!

The Henrys said...

I agree!!! It seems like the media was more upset about the picture, but I hated what the caption implied. We have been foster parents and have run a therapeutic group home, those kids' stories deserve more attention than the Mommy Wars do! Thank you for posting on this!

Connie said...

Nicely said, friend ;-)