Friday, April 20, 2012

Its Finally Friday!

Phew!  Its been a crazy last couple of weeks!  My husband has been working out of state the last two weeks and I've been working, taxi-ing, mothering, cooking, cleaning, laundering, working, working working, oh and yeah a bit of refereeing in there too.  I didn't post anything publicly because ya never know what creepsters read my blog.  ;)  Don't get any ideas creepers.....he's coming home tonight so there!  

I've learned a lot about myself these last two weeks.  You see most of you don't know what our lives have been like the last 18 months.....pretty much because I haven't shared it publicly.  Bottom line - my husband was laid off almost 2 years ago.  However....that's another story for another day.  (really truly a God story that must be shared at some point, but not now) The point is - I have been working full time while David has held down the fort - he got a call from his old boss asking him to come fix a job that went south so he went.  That left me with work, five kids, oh let me rephrase that, five kids with crazy schedules, a house, work, and well yeah.  I was a bit out of touch with all that crazy mom running all over the place stuff.  BUT I'm also a bit of a do it myselfer and I was bound and determined to show my husband I could do this.  Not only do it, but ROCK IT!  The verdict is still out on whether or not I rocked it but we've survived and I've learned alot.

Here's the highlights:

I can exterminate an ant farm outside my door.
I can plunge a sink, remove excess spahgetti noodles stuffed into a garbage disposal, and put the plumbing all back together in order to stop the spewing leak that formed a lake under my sink.
I can kill cockroaches faster then you can blink.
I can run the Shubin taxi service, not be late once, (at least not on my account, some teenagers in this house may be late, but the taxi wasn't) and manage all crazy schedules of aforementioned children.  
I can fix dinner every night and hold down a job.
I can work full time and manage to keep the children fed, clothed, and bathed.
I can maintain a pool and return it from slime green to a beautiful blue.
I can manage to take out the trash and get it to the curb just in time for the twice weekly pick up.
I can remove the old grill and choose a new one to replace it in an attempt to surprise my husband only to realize he gets phone notifications for every purchase over $50.  Nice.  Hey I tried.

All that said - I had a cleaning service come yesterday to deep clean my house.  It was necessary and I am grateful.  Thank you Maid Pro.

My husband returns tonight and I am glad.  I don't sleep well when he's gone and this mama needs some rest.


We Are Family said...

I feel ya sister - oh how I feel ya!

NotaSupermom said...

I am so impressed with you. That's a lot of work.

Do you like Maid Pro? Are they nationwide? I would love to hire a service for deep cleaning.

Sarah said...

Love this! You did great!! :-)