Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid-Week Meanderings......

Some of these were supposed to be posted last week but umm....I failed.  Since they're still relevent,  factual, and good I'll include them.  Plus some extras.

Here goes.

1. Created For Care March was FANTABULOUS!  I worked my hiney off but it was great fun and there was lots of hang out time too. (yep, I'm a bit late)

2. I have one awesome husband. I came home to a spotless house and flowers. I think he missed me.

3. I got crazy behind in work and I feel like I'm in a perpetual state of "catch up".

4. Silas is a crazy gymnast.  He's fine tuning a couple things and they'll move him to an advanced class.  I guess he does have some skilz.  Now, if he'd just work super hard and not wave at me every 40 seconds his teacher may not be as annoyed. I'm so proud of him and yes its really okay if he waves and blows kisses at his mama.

5. A quick note to the snow birds and spring break visitors that have invaded my hood. PLEASE drive like a normal person! That means no 25 in a 55, no weaving in and out of traffic, and for the love of pete PLEASE don't walk out in front of oncoming traffic thinking we'll stop for you when we can't even see you coming!!! Rant off.

6. At least the weather here in FL right now makes up for the craziness I spoke of in #5.

7. David and I decided it was time for our kids to start doing their own laundry. Really David put down the hammer on that one. Somewhere between my hollerin' at the cherubs who'd put their CLEAN clothes in the dirty pile and him finding their clothes bunched up behind the door while they were fighting over who put their clothes in the wrong spot. It was time my friends. It was time. Teaching my 13 year old son how to start the dryer made me realize just how long I've spoiled them. I'm liking less laundry done by me thankyouverymuch! Please Jesus don't let them dye their clothes by mixing up colors.

8. Kids are expensive. Why do they all grow at the same time AND a season change on top of it!! Old Navy, Gap, AE, and Abercrombie have been gracious enough to have good sales going on. Now to take care of that teenage daughters closet......Mercy please!

9. Hunger Games is a hot topic at our house. Add that to three Taylor Swift fans and the youngest one might get some of the lyrics mixed up.

Zahra's version goes something like this....

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
I can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

10. I went to my second cousins wedding this past weekend, it had been seven years since we'd seen that side of the family, loved catching up and especially fun that the wedding was here when they're really scattered all over the country!

11. Does anyone have the solution for surviving the teen years?  I used to be SO excited for these years.  I mean I love my kids but seriously!?!?!  When did they discover they know more then their dad and I?  Really people?  Really?!

12.  On that note.....its time for sleep so I can start the crazy all over again.

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BumbersBumblings said...

Loved meeting you at C4C!

You have a crazy busy life!! Looks like you are handling it smashingly :)