Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Truth About 30.

Yes, I wish someone would have told me. Long before I found that lone dark hair on my chin. Seriously. Why don't people talk about it? Because its embarrassing? I suppose my friends who went before me yet remained silent were afraid and feeling like they were the only ones right? I was there too. Yet I know I'm not alone. A few friends have made comments. Its not just me. At least I hope not. I'm confident in who I am, for the most part, I guess I can talk about such things. Not that I readily admit that I'm over 30, but I suppose I could do that too. Yes, I'm 33 to be exact.

Because I care about women everywhere I'm willing to sacrifice some of my pride dignity for the sake of others. You know, cause I'm the caring type. ;)

30. Turning 30. The truth. Why we don't talk about it. All I ever heard before I turned 30 was how great it was. I was a bit nervous to leave my 20's, I'll be honest, I felt like 30 was "old". Friends said 30 was the new 20 and I'd love my 30's. I started to get a little excited. The way everyone talked about it I kind of expected to wake up with an incredible glow about me. You know the energized new morning feeling, smooth skin, minty fresh breath kind of deal. So. Not. The case. In fact if my memory serves me correct I woke up with a zit on my neck. I hadn't had a zit on my neck.....umm...EVER.

That's just the beginning folks.

Yes its true. My 30's have been fabulous. I've rather enjoyed the 3 years 9 months I've had in them. That doesn't change the fact that many "other" things happen when you hit 30. Here's my top five things you DON'T hear about. Those of you still rockin' your 20's, at least you've been warned.

1. You may suddenly find chin hair. Wait? Isn't that supposed to only show up on a dude?!? Where the HECK did that come from and where's my tweezers! Mercy, pluck that thing!

2. You may revisit your acne break outs from 8th grade and suddenly find yourself using clearasil and oxy-10! That hasn't found its way into my cabinet since 1990 my friends! Seriously for the love of all things good and holy I'm 30 not 12!

3. Weight loss yeah well that doesn't happen as easily as it did when you were 24. You might actually have to do the dreaded diet thing. Eat carrots and cucumbers every day for a week and you might lose 0.8 lbs.

4. Why oh WHY didn't anyone tell me about the darkening of the upper lip?!?! This one has got to be the most annoying! Never did I think I'd find myself in the skin bleaching section of Target. Something must be done.

5. Hormones. Really? Doesn't all that craziness happen at 45 or something much later then 30? What the heck is up with them now? I'm sure my husband would appreciate the answer to this too.

Phew. That wasn't so bad. What's so hard about that? Honesty is the best policy. Right? Now please just tell me I'm not alone. Otherwise I might really regret being THIS honest.


Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTER!! to ALL of the above!!

the acne is the WORST! i had PERFECT complexion until i hit 30. what the heck?! now i am on THREE prescriptions. NOT.COOL.

also, the weight thing. that literally hit on my 30th birthday. if i ever felt my pants getting a little tight...i would just "watch" what i ate for a few days. um...not so much anymore!!

Shiloh said...

Hahahaha, well, I've been reading your blog for about a year, following you in this journey (I am friends wtih Captain Murdock at God Will Add) and I've read a lot of great things on here. Sorry to say, this is the one I choose to comment on!! I am TOTALLY with you on the 30 thing! I rung in thirty in total tears and disarray, darkening of the upper lip, check. New zits, check. One random hair on chin, check. Hormone craziness, check. What the heck?!?!? You are not alone! Sounds like I have a couple years on you, wish I could say it all stops at 35 and you get normal again, not the case. I think you just get used to the new normal!!!

Brad and Tara said...

Oh great, I turn 30 next month. Thanks for the warnings, ha!!

Christy. said...

That dark hair that grows from your chin... we call it a "billy goat". :)

Becky said...

hilarious and so true!