Monday, March 19, 2012

1 Year.

One year ago today we met our precious Zahra Belaynesh Reign for the first time. A nervous, shy, scared, but oh so precious little 4.5 year old girl. We'd only seen our daughter in pictures and video but our love for her was fierce. She was a bit unsure of us. That made me proud. She should be unsure. We were strangers to her. I could see that with time she would begin to trust us.

I was most concerned about her relationship with her daddy. I knew she'd learn to love me, it just comes easier it seems. Watching her with David melted me from the beginning. She wasn't sure about him but by the end of that first day I could see that light in her eye, she wanted to be held up high, she wanted to throw the ball with him. There is nothing more incredible then watching your husband fall in love with his new daughter. Adoption/biological, it was something I treasured every single time we first met our children. Watching my husband become a father again. Watching him protect our new little girl is forever etched in my heart.

Precious Zahra you are not only our daughter but you are a daughter of the King, may your life always reflect His grace and mercy. You are precious to us, its an honor to be your mommy.

Here's a photo collection of our first days together.

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Heidi Klopfenstein said...

precious. happy one year!!

Jaclyn M said...

She is gorgeous!!

Rachel said...

This story and pictures bring such joy to my heart! :)