Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sole Rebels. Yep. I'm addicted.

I love pictures. Yes its true. I'm an on again off again photographer and photography really is one of my passions. I love looking at pictures that tell a story. They melt me. Yes I'm often in a heap of tears just from pictures.

The shoes above and the shoes below are Sole Rebels. They are my new favorite shoes. I bought several pairs in Addis and I'm jonesin for more. I think you should love them too. Not just because they are cute but because the story behind them rocks and they support women in Ethiopia.

You can read more about Sole Rebels here - - I love that these shoes allow people in the community to have jobs. I love that they are fair trade, they recycle items to make the shoes, all that and they are CUTE!!

Sole Rebels opened up a shop in Addis - above Kaldi's in Adams Pavilion. You should check them out when you are there!

See even my friends like Sole Rebels!
Stay tuned - I'm going to be leading a trip back to Ethiopia this October! It'll be a chicks trip - an advocate trip - we'll be connecting with established ministries geared towards women that are making a difference in Ethiopia. Sound fun!? Details to come!


Jolene said...

Super cute shoes! Two quickie questions. Which style is that your sporting? These are cotton uppers...if I get caught in a downpour I'm definitely going to have completely soaked feet aren't I? Wonder if its possible to waterproof spray them? (I'm so practical its ridiculous!)

Tamara B said...

I'm hoping to check them out n June when I go over with It's an org that supports women and it might interest you.

Erica said...

Jolene - I'm wearing the TooTOOs! Love them!

Jennifer said...

I am SO excited about this upcoming trip to Ethiopia. I wholeheartidly believe it's an answer to prayer!
Woo hoo! I'll have to get myself a cute pair (or two) of those shoes while I am there!

Desiree said...