Friday, January 6, 2012

Uganda Beaded Necklaces AGAIN!

They're back!

I'm trying to clear out my stash while raising funds for Skylers trip as well. I have a couple different kinds. Long, short, and triple strand. I also have a handful of the super long 147 Uganda beads that were leftover from our adoption fund raising. I've updated the button on the right side of my blog to reflect these and taken some new pictures as well. Here goes! Stay tuned for the remaining WHERE YOU LIVE T's I've got left as well!

Uganda Beaded Necklace - long length - multi - $15
Uganda Beaded Necklace - short length - $10
Uganda - Triple strand - $15
147 Uganda beaded super long necklaces - $20
Shipping - $2.50

I'm shipping out the last batch of cookie cutter/T-shirt orders today as well! Email me if you have any questions!

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