Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moments In Target.

Last night my husband made a trip to Target to return a rug I didn't like. (yep I'm picky) He also had to replace a fan for the girls because theirs broke and our sweet angels can't sleep without one. (I blame my husband for this)

The idea was that this would be a "quick trip" but instead it took two hours. Not kidding.

The rug - well I couldn't find the receipt but thank goodness they track my every purchase via my debit card. (some what creepy that they know I had a 1000 items purchased in the last year)

Oh and that fan? Well it was marked $34.99. The ONLY fan in the whole store according to my husband. Yes the state of Florida is in freak out mode and since hitting 60 degrees they've replaced all fans with space heaters. True story.

Back to the fan. Marked $34.99 but at the register it rings up at $52. My husband nearly choked and kindly said the price was incorrect. The young man asked the correct price but when told he said he couldn't sell it at that price. Perplexed my husband asked for a price check. They verified that the price was indeed $34.99 but they couldn't sell it to him for that. Yes this is the part of the story that made me a little cranky. What do you mean you can't sell it for the price listed? Nope the price on the register is too much higher then the listed price so I can't over ride it. My husband is much more patient then me. He's also more patient then the woman next to him who was attempting to buy the last two fans she'd found and having the same issue. She was a heap of tears and security had been called to calm her. Not kidding.

A manager was called. 45 minutes later Target finally decided to sell the item for the price they listed. I felt the need to impart wisdom and a few pricing laws on Target corporate. My husband needed a beer.

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